UUKI is a no-code, paid community-building platform with a free community where UUKI users gather to discuss how to grow their online communities.

Joining UUKI's community is completely free. Inside, you will find like-minded community builders from all over the world discussing diverse topics. Members use the community to conversate about how to better leverage the platform to build their communities. They also share community-building tips, tricks, and advice.

However, the platform itself it's paid. UUKI offers diverse plans according to your needs (Starter, Pro, and Advance). These memberships cost $15, $65, and $205/month respectively, paying yearly.

On the other hand, UUKI organizes events for members to stay engaged and informed. There are webinars with expert speakers as well as other online meetings to announce new features added to the platform. Moreover, UUKI offers many resources and tools for members to learn more about community building.

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Connect with other community builders:
UUKI allows you to connect with like-minded people from all over the world building and growing the communities while using UUKI. This is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with peers and share tips, tricks, and advice.

Participate in engaging events:
The community organizes diverse events, such as webinars with expert speakers and online meetings to announce new features recently launched in the platform.

Learn about community building:
UUKI offers many resources and tools for community builders looking to learn more about how to create, grow, and monetize their online communities.


No requirements.


Learning Events

UUKI organizes diverse events (such as webinars and other online meetings) to announce new features and also to educate members on community-building topics.

Networking Events

UUKI members are able to connect and interact on the product's own platform. Here, you will find other UUKI users asking questions about the platform itself and sharing tips on how to leverage UUKI to build and grow better communities.

Content Library

UUKI, besides its blog with helpful guides and articles, also offers diverse resources for community builders. Among them, you will find a knowledge base and diverse tools like a community name generator and a course name generator. On the other hand, there is also a community hub, a glossary, a list of community apps, and community jobs.


"I strongly recommend UUKI Platform and the UUKI team for their work rate and responsiveness. The platform itself is very efficient and easy to access." -Sneha Nair

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