The Wealth Squad is a community for investors and people looking to learn how to grow their wealth and better manage their money.

It's a paid community that costs $50 per month. Once you join, you will be able to interact and network with like-minded people in a supportive, welcoming space.

Members of the community commonly discuss generational wealth, crypto, stocks, options, business and investment strategies, and more. The Wealth Squad will keep you accountable for your goals and give you a motivation boost to keep going.

The community accepts both beginners and veterans investors. You will be able to ask questions, learn from other people's experiences, get insights into market trends, know when to buy/sell, understand how much to invest and where, and more.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Chris Johnson

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn how to grow your wealth:
The community's main goal is to help its members invest and learn how to better manage their money in order to grow their wealth. You will find useful tips and advice on money management and investing.

Join a supportive community of investors:
The Wealth Squad is filled with supportive people that welcome both beginners and veterans investors. You will meet like-minded people and network while learning personal finances and wealth growing techniques.

  • Monthly Cost



No requirements.


Networking Events

Members of the community interact in an online group. Inside, members share knowledge and insights around investing. The community's main goal is to help members grow their wealth and learn how to better manage their money. You can find tips and advice in generational wealth, stocks, options, crypto, business strategy, and more.


"It's quite a community to join. Everything is broken up into sections making it easier to find what you are looking for. The most amazing thing is you get to ask questions about what you want and someone will always provide a viable solution." -James Hudson

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