WebWide is an online discussion forum for developers and web designers to discuss projects, share ideas and receive feedback about their work.

Adam Greenough founded the community in 2019, and it saw rapid growth. Run at cost and ad-free, the community is inexpensive for its members. To support it, members can donate, become sponsors, or pay a minimal monthly subscription fee of $3. Transparency is the community's motto, and all revenue goes back into growing and bettering the platform.

WebWide discussion forum is a helpful space for anyone looking to share and leverage others' expertise and knowledge. You can shorten learning curves and overcoming the roadblocks of your project by assessing issues with other members. You can also self-promote your services and brand content, to help you land a new job.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Adam Greenough

  • Amount of members: 25
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Inclusive community
WebWide is free to anyone looking to join, and it's run at cost & ad-free. You can support it by donating, becoming a sponsor, or a gold member. There are no entry barriers, whether you are a beginner or a pro you can join the forum and participate.

Share knowledge and get feedback
You can share your work at the forum and get valuable insights from members. You can also reply to threads and help other people with your knowledge.

Network and keep up to date in your industry
On Webwide you can meet like-minded people and keep up to date with the news on your specific industry.

Promote your brand and work
The forum is a relevant space to anyone looking to promote content from their brands or to showcase work and get hired for their services.

  • Monthly Cost


No requirements.



WebWide works in an online group setting, so there are no scheduled, regular meetings. Members interact on the Discord group, where you can find several channels to discuss different topics you may be interested in.

You can join however many channels you want to. There are channels specific to discuss web development and design topics and to share knowledge. But there are also channels to network and to make friends! You can join certain channels to introduce yourself when you are a new member, and other channels to share hobbies and personal interests.

This creates a tight-knit community of members who know and support each other. The community even has a channel where you, with a single command, contribute to funding tree planting via Ecologi platform.

Networking Events

You can socialize with WebWide's members on the Discord group. The community is for web developers and designers that want to share knowledge and grow in their professional career, but it's also filled with friendly people that want to connect.

There are dedicated channels to networking. For example, when you are a new member the first step is to introduce yourself in a specific channel for doing so. There, you can tell the community a little bit about yourself and the projects you are working on.

Besides that channel, you can socialize in other channels dedicated to making friends. For example, there is a channel called "Lounge", where members chat about anything they want -it's the place to have casual chit-chats and getting to know the rest of the group.

You have also a space to self-promote your brand or any project you are working on. This channel allows you to meet other people working on something similar to you, expanding your professional network, and making valuable connections!

Content Library

WebWide's founder recently launched a full library of 533 tools and resources for web developers and designers called Addy Codes. You have resources for accessibility, copywriting, domains & hosting, email marketing, UX, WordPress, just to name a few.

Benefits with other companies

WebWide members can access a variety of perks:

  • 50% OFF Divjoy: a platform that saves you time on development.
  • 20% OFF Every Layout: to master CSS layouts.
  • 20% OFF Polypane: to build great web experiences.
  • 25% OFF Adam Greenough Store: to save on web development and design services.
  • £5 OFF Krystal: for UK hosting, domains, and VPS.
  • 20% OFF Versoly's monthly plans: to build SaaS websites.
  • $20 AND.CO credit: a ´platform for freelancers to send proposals and invoices.


"Congratulations, Adam, for keeping the community and the site moving forward. You have done a remarkable job designing and enhancing all the features the forum software offers. Many members to you!." -WebWide Member

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