WeRemoto is a community for Spanish speakers who are looking for more remote job opportunities in Latin America. The platform offers a range of jobs in design, marketing, coding, sales, content writing, and more.

Applicants can access companies' contact information for free, but recruiters have a fee to post their searches. Pricing for recruiters starts at $49 per position listed and includes 15 days of promotion.

As a remote, worker, you can join the Slack community to stay in touch and share resources with other remote workers. They also have a Facebook group with 13,000+ members, where recruiters and talents connect. Within the group, you can find assistance to improve your CV, discover new strategies to boost your sales and engage with peers.

Access the community for free by filling an application form to enter the group, and find new networking opportunities with workers in Latin America.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Gastón Levy, Ryan Clodfelter

  • Amount of members: 13,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Find curated job opportunities:
All the open positions in WeRemoto are 100% remote and target Latin American workers. Unlike most of the job boards that offer remote opportunities but in the end want for US-based employees, they easily connect you with companies hiring people in your country.

Directly connect with companies:
You don't need to upload your CV into the platform or set up a profile to apply for a job opportunity. Instead, WeRemoto connects you directly with the hiring company.

Find resources to improve your searches:
If you're struggling with your CV, payment gateways, or want to expand your networks, they offer free resources to manage the common roadblocks every remote worker has to face. Within the resources section, you can find useful tools to improve your productivity and easily manage your work.

Hire talented professionals:
Are you a recruiter? In WeRemoto you'll find targeted professionals looking for companies like yours to work at. If you list your open positions on the platform, chances are high to find that talent you need to add to your team.



No requirements.


Learning Events

The community organizes and participates in events to showcase companies' open positions and connect remote workers with recruiters.

Networking Events

WeRemoto has a Slack and Facebook group where you can stay in touch with other workers around the region. Within these groups, you'll find assistance to improve your work, spaces to share your CV, and will receive the newest job opportunities listed.

Besides, the active community also shares learning opportunities such as classes and courses to help you keep boosting your skills.

Content Library

In the #CV channel inside the Slack community, you'll find all of the community members' resumes. If you're a recruiter or just want to improve your own resume, it can be a powerful tool to discover what other remote workers are working at.

You can also find useful information to improve your remote work searching and discover how to highlight your applications with the resources available in the WeRemoto blog.


"This is a great job portal. Easy to use, fast and very efficient! Totally recommended to offer jobs to the Latin American community!" -Francisca S.

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