Women in Tech SEO is a Slack community focused on content and technical SEO. It's completely free to join and provides opportunities to connect with colleges, find high-quality resources, and even get to know the latest job opportunities in the industry. You can join no matter what stage of your career you are in. Inside, you will find the support, motivation, and learning opportunities you need to grow your career.

The community runs in a private Slack group where members share their knowledge and expertise in a supportive, non-judgmental safe space. You'll find questions from beginners but also from SEOs backed up by a considerable career. So, it's a place to learn and help women who are walking the same learning path as you did.

Women in Tech SEO has 4000+ members from all over the world. The community foments diversity and empowers women in the tech industry, and it's a great place to meet inspiring women who are rocking at SEO. They host and share learning events with speakers and industry leaders, and offer perks, and accountability spaces where you can share your wins.

Additionally, the community has a weekly podcast and a monthly newsletter to keep you updated on trends and news from the industry.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Areej AbuAli

  • Amount of members: 4,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Network with other women in the same field as you:
Find women in all different stages of their SEO careers. Network, make friends, and develop deep bonds!

Share your knowledge, get support:
This is a supportive, inclusive, no-judgment-based community where you can share your ideas and progress while helping other women by giving them valuable feedback and insights.

Empower minorities:
As a women-based community, Women in Tech SEO helps to make women visible in an industry traditionally full of men.

Get exposure as a speaker:
Women in Tech SEO have a dedicated space, a speaker hub, to feature brilliant women in the industry. If you're a speaker, you can participate in events and meetups.

Participate in events and mentorships:
Don't miss out on significant events specially designed to help you grow and accelerate your career as a technical and content SEO specialist.


Being a woman (or to identify as a woman) working in SEO, no matter what stage in your career you're in.


Learning Events

Women in Tech SEO hosts WTS Festival, an annual event with different speakers from the industry. 2021's Festival was in March, and virtual. The community hosts, also, special events and mentorship programs throughout the year.

Currently and due to the pandemic, most events are virtual. The events are mostly workshops and webinars, published in the Slack or Facebook group for members to join.

Networking Events

You can interact with members of Women in Tech SEO in the community's online groups. They have groups on Slack and Facebook (but use mainly Slack).

Although the purpose of the groups is to share knowledge about the tech SEO industry, groups have also dedicated spaces to network and make friends.

Once you join, you can introduce yourself by telling other members a little bit about yourself and things you are currently working on. Inside the groups, you will also find spaces to share your hobbies and personal interests, while also having friendly chit-chats about anything and everything.

This allows getting to know other members on a deeper level, developing connections and long-lasting friendships with women in SEO from all over the world.

Since you can also self-promote the projects you are currently working on, you will know people related to your area of expertise and expand your professional network as well!

Content Library

You can access Women in Tech SEO's blog, along with a weekly podcast, a monthly newsletter, and also interviews with members of the community (everything for free and available for everyone). All resources are designed to help women in the technical SEO field advance and further grow their careers.

These resources (except for the newsletter) are stored on the community website, which acts as a content library of specialized content for women in the technical SEO field.

The website also has a dedicated section of past events. Here, you will find detailed summaries of things that happened and topics that were discussed in the community's past events. If you missed any, you can check the recaps there!


"There are so many badass women, SEOs, and women SEOs out there. Tech SEO Women is a great community to be a part of!" -Jenny Hearn

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