Women Techmakers is a Google global initiative to reduce the gender gap in the technology industry, providing women with the resources they need to succeed.

You can join for free, all events are free as well. If you have experience in the industry, you can join as an ambassador and expand the program in your area. Otherwise, you can join as a member.

There are several Women Techmakers communities around the world, for different countries and regions. This community is available in over 193 countries, and each division organizes its own initiatives (following general guidelines).

For each division of the community, there is a Slack group. Inside, you will be able to connect and interact with other women in tech from your area. This will allow you to develop friendships while expanding your professional network. Online groups are also a great place to ask questions, give feedback, and share resources with other members.

Furthermore, each division organizes several events, both virtual and in-person, to mentor members. You can participate in webinars, workshops, roundtables, and expert talks. Annually, there is an event called WTM. This event usually lasts two days or more and is full of conferences and networking opportunities.

Lastly, being a member of Women Techmakers will give you access to exclusive resources to build your technical knowledge. You can enjoy anything from articles, guides, and videos, to podcasts, training resources, and even certifications!

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Founders:


  • Amount of members: 70,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Get involved in a Google's global program:
Women Techmakers is a Google initiative for promoting diversity in the workplace. You can join for free and enjoy resources, mentorship, and a network of inspiring women that will support you as you build your career.

Meet and network with other women in tech:
The community allows you to connect with other women working in tech in your area. Since the program is divided across countries and regions, you can enter a Slack group from your area to make new friendships and expand your professional network.

Learn with conferences and different events:
Women Techmakers organizes several events across the year, such as webinars and workshops. You can also attend the annual event, WTM, which includes several days of conferences and expert talks.


No requirements.


Learning Events

Women Techmakers is a global program, and different countries create their own initiatives. However, there are regular workshops, roundtables, and expert talks, both virtual and in-person, to discuss different aspects of building a career in the tech industry. You can learn more about what events are available to you in the Women Techmakers' Slack group of your specific region.

On the other hand, WTM is an annual event that usually lasts two or more days, where you can connect with other women and learn with experts attending different conferences. Because of the pandemic, this event was virtual the last two years, but past events were in person.

Networking Events

You can connect with other women in the different Slack communities that Women Techmakers have. There are different online groups, divided by country or region. You can also connect with other women building their careers in tech in the program's regular events.

Content Library

There are many resources Google provides to build your technical expertise in the Women Techmakers community. Whether you are a developer or a startup founder, you will find certifications, articles, videos, and even podcasts to further expand your knowledge.


Google's program Women Techmakers helps women from all over the world to access the necessary resources to build a career in tech. There are special initiatives for black women and for women from India, making the knowledge accessible for underserved communities as well.

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