Women Who Code is a non-profit organization with 250,000+ members that provides training and job opportunities for women in the software industry.

The organization holds strong values on gender equality and seeks to empower members with skills needed for professional achievement. They also work to educate companies to hire and promote talented women.

Within the platform, you can be part of a worldwide community composed of like-minded women who inspires and support each other.

Members are invited to find a network for joining and be part of 1,900+ virtual events within their local groups for learning how to code and make new friends.

The community also awards scholarships annually for improving its members' tech skills and offers a job board for finding the best remote and in-person opportunities.

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Like-minded women network:
Find a local network to join and participate in virtual events with members near you. Within the network, you can find social media channels for staying in touch with the members and support each other.

Find leadership opportunities and participate in mentorship programs.

Job board:
Find your next job searching on the job board. You can access 300+ both remote and local job opportunities and post a position yourself.

Coding resources:
Boost your skills with free resources available on the platform. There's also a blog section available for learning more about leadership, mentorship programs, and more.

Company services:
You can purchase a subscription to post jobs and find the most qualified technical professionals.



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    • Ghana
    • United States
    • India
    • Spain
    • China
    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
    • Colombia
    • Australia
    • Argentina
    • Mexico
    • Costa Rica
    • Ireland
    • Guatemala
    • Jamaica
    • Malaysia
    • Ukraine
    • Nigeria
    • Philippines
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • South Korea
    • Singapore
    • Bulgaria
    • Taiwan
    • Japan



Members meet within their local networks in hangouts and virtual events. There's also a community running on social media where women from all over the world empower each other.

Learning Events

Browse events based on your local network to keep learning and boosting your skills while you receive peer support.

Networking Events

Women stay in touch engaging in social media groups. You can join the Facebook official group and get to know other inspiring women.

Content Library

Keep your skills sharp with 172+ free resources. From tutorials to learning methods, you'll access a list that includes information about the level needed and the topic explained within the resource.


Women Who Code is a non-profit organization which empowers women around the world and promotes gender equality in the tech industry by offering scholarships, free learning resources, mentorship programs, and job opportunities.


"Attending the live conference of Women Who Code Connect India 2020 sponsored by VMWare. I am having an amazing experience connecting with everyone virtually and learning new things. Thank you for giving us this opportunity." -Sakshi Goel

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