Young Presidents' Organization, better known as YPO, is a global community for enterprise's young leaders founded by Ray Hickok in 1950 in Rochester, New York.

They promote education and provide world-class leadership training. Besides, the community commute in small groups that meet in local chapters called forums, and attend mass conferences to connect with mentors and experts.

Membership includes a one-time paid initiation fee of $3,975 plus an annual fee of the same amount. Conferences and other activities have their own price per ticket.

Join to be part of a diverse group of people from over 140 countries sharing their knowledge and building connections. In addition, you can access the latest industry insights and participate in networking events to expand your professional network and become a better leader.



  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Founders:

    Ray Hickok

  • Amount of members: 30,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Engage with your peers in regular small reunions to exchange knowledge and experience. You'll have the chance to meet the most influential young CEOs and learn from their insights.

Member Exchange:
Also known as "M2Mx", It is a network where more than 25,000 members of YPO, WPO, CEO, and EO connect to help each other.

It's common for young leaders to have a lifestyle with little time for family relationships. In YPO, they know that and offer programs to promote family union, this is an opportunity to balance the leader's lives.

Access to online tools for members and their families. Join to 40 virtual interest-based communities to stay connected with your peers around the world.

  • Initiation Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

Access to business insights and self-improvement articles to boost your productivity and health.



  • Age: Must be up to 45 years old
  • Title: President, CEO, Chairman of the board, or equivalent director.
  • Employees: 50 full-time employees or more than 15 full-time employees with a minimum of $2,000,000 USD annual employee compensation.
  • Revenue:
    • Sales, service, manufacturing: $13,000,000+ USD
    • Agency: $10,000,000+ USD
    • Financial Institution: 260,000,000+ USD AUM
    • Or enterprise value: $20,000,000+ USD



    YPO is present in 14 regions around the world:

    • Africa.
    • Australia/New Zealand.
    • Canada.
    • Europe.
    • Latin America.
    • Mid-America U.S.
    • Middle East/North Africa.
    • Northeastern U.S.
    • North Asia.
    • Pacific U.S.
    • South Asia.
    • Southeast Asia.
    • Southeast U.S. and Caribbean.
    • Western U.S.


Members participate in local chapters to exchange knowledge and share their business insights with the community. You can also be part of massive conferences to boost your business skills and experience different perspectives and cultures while you learn how to become a better leader.

You can stay in touch with a smaller group of fellow CEOs in the forums where members discuss their challenges and triumphs to inspire others and receive meaningful feedback.

Learning Events

YPO offers world-class virtual educational events every year for enriching your personal leadership journey. They also have specialized programs for you to participate in with your family.

Networking Events

Participate in YPO Networks and find more than 40 virtual interest-based communities to stay connected with your peers around the world. Share professional and personal interests in small forums and massive conferences in local Chapters.

Content Library

Access to unbiased learning through interactive virtual, on-demand, and in-person experiences with the collaboration of prestigious universities and institutes to explore leader's today challenges.

As a member, you can participate in thousands of programs to help you focus on leadership, teamwork, parenthood, and more.

Benefits with other companies

With the membership, you will get the opportunity to join education programs and learning events at prestigious institutions such as London Business School, Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Mayo clinic. In addition, you will enjoy access to zoom and BuiltWorlds platform.

For the whole partnerships look here.


YPO members want to make a positive impact across the globe and the company promotes diversity and inclusion through the Global Impact Awards recognizing the CEOs that highlights in their community.



"There’s an immediate network of people that are reaching out to you that can help you with anything and everything and are very willing to do so. There’s no transition time. You’re in YPO, they pick up the phone immediately. I’d say that’s been super helpful" - Laura Kessler


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