Zorp is a no-code app builder with many features and a free community for founders and no-code developers to interact with each other.

Zorp has a free, private group on Slack where members introduce themselves, find resources, and help each other build Zorp workflows. Besides, there are channels to share random content and ask questions regarding app development with Zorp.

Meanwhile, on the website, you can find different tiers for using Zorp. The first one is free and includes unlimited active users and workflows, 1000 tasks per month, 1 active automation, 7-day history, and community support, among other benefits.

The second tier is "Startup", which costs $7.5/month per user. On the other hand, the "Growth" tier costs $20/month per user. The last option is called "Enterprise" and it has custom pricing according to your needs. You can find each tier's complete features by visiting Zorp's pricing page.

Lastly, Zorp has a blog with helpful articles about using the software and building with no code. You can also access the "Docs" section which has templates and additional relevant information.

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Access useful resources:
The community has a section on Slack where members share recommended content. Moreover, you can visit the "Docs" section on the website. It has Zorp workflow builder tips and templates.

Receive guidance:
Zorp offers community support from the free membership and hours of onboarding support in the paid options. Additionally, participating in the Slack group is great to ask any questions regarding building apps with Zorp.

Enjoy unlimited features:
The community offers unlimited workflows and active users in the free membership, making it a fantastic option for building your app with no code. If you opt for a paid membership, you will access even more benefits.


No requirements.


Networking Events

Members of Zorp interact through a Slack group. It has the purpose of offering a supportive environment for members to learn and work collaboratively when using Zorp. Thus, it offers spaces for new members' introductions, general discussions, and also off-topic conversations. For example, there are channels such as #resources, #bugs, and #build-zorp-workflows.

Content Library

The "Docs" section on the website has workflow builder tips, tutorials, and templates. Additionally, the blog has helpful articles for members to learn how to better leverage Zorp and build awesome apps with no code.

Moreover, Zorp has many tutorials on its YouTube channel. Additional resources are available on the Slack group. Members commonly share links to videos and external websites.


"Zorp has been a lifesaver for our business. The speed at which I could deploy the app, without having to worry about reliability, was great!" -Mihirr Sose

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