How to Change Your Name Color on Discord

Customize your color name on Discord with these simple steps.

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If you noticed other Discord users writing with different name colors and you want to personalize yours, you are in the right place. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to change name colors on Discord, both on desktop and mobile. Remember that you’ll need admin privileges in the server to change your and other users’ name colors.

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Change Name Color on Mobile

To change your name color in Discord, you need a role with the desired color. All members of a specific role will inherit that role’s color for their name. However, keep in mind that only administrators or people with appropriate permissions can create and assign roles.

Let’s see how to do this process on mobile.

1. Enter the server settings

To do so, just tap on the name of the server and then on “Settings” as shown in the image below.

how to change name colors on discord mobile

2. Tap ‘Roles’

There, you will be able to add new roles or modify existing ones.

roles menu

3. Create a new role

To create a new role, tap onto the plus icon. You can also modify existing roles by clicking on each one.

create or modify roles on discord

4. Pick a role color

Once you assign yourself a role, this is the color your name will inherit. You can either pick a color among the already existing ones or tap the dropper icon to select a personalized color from a color wheel.

choose a role color

5. Assign yourself a role

Once you have created a role with the desired color, you can now assign yourself that role. To do this, just go to Server Settings > Members.

enter the members list

6. Select the desired role

From the members’ list, search for your user and tap into it. You will access a user edit window just as it’s shown below. From there, you can assign yourself a role. Additionally, you can repeat this process with the rest of the members on the server.

select a role to change your name color on discord

7. And that’s it!

This is how to change name colors on Discord. Now your new color name will display when you send messages inside the server.

change name color on discord mobile

Change Name Color on Desktop

Changing name colors on Discord desktop is a slightly different process than on mobile. Remember that you need to be the server owner or have the necessary permissions in order to create or modify roles. Let’s see the step-by-step process.

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1. Go to ‘Server Settings’

To do this, click on the server’s name and then on ‘Server Settings’.

how to change name colors on discord desktop

2. Create a new role

Once inside server settings, head to ‘Roles’. There, click on ‘Create Role’ to add new roles, or modify the already existing ones (if you have any) by clicking on each one.

create or modify roles

3. Choose the role color

Once you name your role, it’s time to pick a color. You can either choose among the preset colors or click on the dropper to select a personalized color from a color wheel. Once you are done, don’t forget to save the changes!

select a role color

4. Enter the members’ list

To do so, click on ‘Members’, inside of ‘Server Settings’. This option is located almost at the end of the menu on the left.

enter the members list

5. Assign yourself a role

If your server has multiple members, you can use the search bar to search for your user. Once you find it, click on the plus icon that appears next to the name. A drop-down menu with all available roles will appear. By selecting the one you desire, your name will change to match that role’s color.

You can also repeat this process with other members on the server if you wish.

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select a role to change your name color on discord

6. And that’s it!

Now your name color is changed, and you will see it when sending messages inside the server.

how to change name colors on discord desktop

Having diverse roles is a great way to aesthetically improve your Discord server and differentiate users. Looking for more ways to increase engagement? Try making a poll or hosting an event!

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