Steps to Delete a Discord Server

Follow these steps to delete a Discord server in no time.

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There may come a time when you need to delete a Discord server, whether it’s no longer active, you want to create a new one, or simply because your community moved to other Discord groups. If that’s your case, this tutorial will guide you through the process of deleting a Discord server step by step.

How to Delete a Discord Server

Step 1: Open the Server Settings

Open the Discord app and navigate to the server you want to delete. Click or tap the server name at the top-left corner of the window. In the dropdown menu, select “Server Settings.”

Step 2: Access the Delete Server Option

In the “Server Settings” menu, scroll down to the bottom of the left sidebar. You will find the “Delete Server” option. Click or tap on it to proceed.

Step 3: Confirm the Deletion

A confirmation prompt will appear, asking you to enter the server name to confirm that you want to delete the server. Type the server name exactly as it appears and then click or tap the “Delete Server” button.

Please note that deleting a server is irreversible. Once you’ve deleted a server, all its data, including channels, messages, and roles, will be permanently lost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deleting Discord Servers

Can I recover a deleted Discord server?

No, once a server is deleted, it cannot be recovered. All the data associated with the server, including channels, messages, and roles, will be permanently lost.

Can I transfer ownership of a Discord server instead of deleting it?

Yes, you can transfer ownership of a server to another user. To do this, go to “Server Settings” > “Members” and find the user you want to transfer ownership to. Click or tap the three-dot menu icon next to their name and select “Transfer Ownership.” You will be prompted to confirm the transfer.

What happens to the members of a deleted Discord server?

When a server is deleted, its members will no longer have access to the server or any of its channels. They will not receive any notification about the server being deleted but will notice the server disappearing from their server list.

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