Lock Roles on Your Server Step by Step

Locking roles on a Discord server is fast and easy. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to lock roles on Discord in desktop and mobile.

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Discord roles allow server owners to establish a hierarchy of permissions, where only certain people have access to modify server settings. Learning how to lock roles on Discord will ensure role management is limited to the people you choose, who will be able to create, delete, edit, and assign roles to members.

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Without further ado, let’s begin the step-by-step tutorial! The process is pretty straightforward.

Lock Discord Roles Step by Step

We’ll show how to lock roles on Discord from a desktop computer. However, the process is exactly the same if you are doing it on mobile.

1. Enter ‘Server Settings’

To do this, click on your server name or right-click on the server’s icon. Then, from the menu that shows up, select ‘Server Settings’.

how to lock roles on discord

2. Go to ‘Roles’

Once inside the server’s settings, click on ‘Roles’. This will give you access to all the currently available roles on the server. From there, go to the role you wish to revoke role management permissions from. In this case, we’re going to lock roles for people with the ‘helper’ and ‘member’ roles.

server settings > roles

3. Disable the permission to manage roles

In this server, we want to avoid members and helpers managing roles. To lock roles for them, we will go to ‘Permissions’ and then disable the ‘Manage Roles’ permission. This will avoid anyone with the ‘member’ or ‘helper’ role from creating, editing, or deleting roles.

You can do the reverse process with roles such as ‘admin’, or ‘mod’, enabling the ‘Manage Roles’ option for them to modify roles in the server.

disable 'manage roles'

4. Save changes

Once you’re done modifying the permission to manage roles in the server, don’t forget to click on ‘Save Changes’. And that’s it! You now have successfully locked roles on your Discord server.

locking discord roles

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Frequently Asked Questions About Locking Discord Roles

A role lock means disabling the ‘Manage Roles’ permission for certain roles. This will avoid people with that role to be able to create, delete, and editing roles inside the server.



To unlock locked roles, first, enter ‘Server Settings’ and then ‘Roles’. From there, select the role you want to unlock, go to ‘Permissions’, and enable the ‘Manage Roles’ option.

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