Midjourney V6 Release: Photorealism, In-Image Text, and Other Exciting Features!

midjourney v6 featured
Midjourney V6 was finally released! Here, we'll cover its new features, explain how to enable it, and offer some useful prompt-crafting tips. Get ready to be amazed by the new realms of creativity it unlocks. Let's dive in! 🚀
midjourney v6 featured

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The release of Midjourney V6 introduced a groundbreaking update that’s setting new benchmarks in the field of AI art generators. Artists, designers, and tech enthusiasts alike eagerly awaited this latest version of Midjourney… and it’s finally here!

In this article, we’ll explore Midjourney V6’s new exciting features. We’ll also cover how to enable the new version of Midjourney to try it yourself and dive deep into some prompt-crafting techniques.

Let’s get started!

Midjourney V6 Release Date: Great News for AI-Generated Art

With over 17.5 million members in their Discord server (the largest up to date!) Midjourney is an AI art generator that captivated a global audience.

After shutting down free trials earlier this year, Midjourney is now offering the V6 version in alpha mode during the winter break, allowing users to experience firsthand the advancements this new update brings to the table.

Developed over nine months, Midjourney V6 is the third model trained from scratch on AI superclusters. This extensive development period reflects the dedication and expertise that has gone into creating a more advanced, accurate, and user-friendly AI tool.

These images were created using the same prompt, with Midjourney V1 through V6. You can see the enormous improvements made over time!

Midjourney V6 Features

Midjourney’s latest iteration introduced a suite of features that aren’t just improvements but game-changing shifts in how AI interacts with text prompts to create images.

First and foremost, it’s accurate to say that Midjourney V6 has significantly improved in terms of coherence and model knowledge. This means that it can now better understand the context and nuances of text prompts, leading to images that are not only visually stunning but also contextually coherent.

In fact, one of the most notable enhancements in Midjourney V6 is its much more accurate prompt interpretation. A more precise interpretation of the prompt instructions leads to results that closely align with the envisioned concept.

Additionally, the capacity for longer prompts opens up a world for communicating detailed and complex ideas to the AI.

An example of a complex image generated with Midjourney V6.

The update also brings improved image prompting and remix capabilities. Artists can now experiment with more dynamic and diverse visual elements, blending and remixing images. This enhances creative freedom, allowing for a broader exploration of styles and themes.

On the other hand, in previous versions of Midjourney, adding text to an image was a challenge. The AI often struggled to generate text that was clear, legible, and appropriately placed within the final result.

However, with the introduction of the in-image text feature in V6, users can now include text directly in their image prompts. This is done by writing the desired text in “quotations” within the prompt.

Midjourney V6 now adds the in-image text feature!

Lastly, Midjourney V6 brings an unprecedented level of photorealism to AI-generated images. This is great news for those seeking outputs that closely resemble real photographs.

This level of photorealism means that the images generated are not only more detailed but also more convincing in their portrayal of real-world scenarios. The textures, lighting, and reflections are rendered with such precision that they can easily be mistaken for actual photographs.

And while the updated version is slightly slower than its predecessors, the trade-off comes in the form of stunningly realistic photos. However, such realism has led Midjourney to enhance its moderation systems to ensure users make responsible and ethical use of this powerful tool.

How to Enable Midjourney V6

To use Midjourney V6, users can easily enable it through Midjourney’s Discord server. Simply join the server and head to one of the #newbies channels to start generating images.

Then, use the command /settings and select V6 from the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, you have the option to type --v 6 after each prompt to switch to the new version, but I find this method becomes a bit tedious if you’re frequently creating new prompts.

Prompt Crafting Guide

Prompting with V6 is significantly different from its predecessor, V5, and users will need to basically “relearn” how to interact with the AI.

But, what are the key things to consider when crafting prompts? When prompting, make sure to include:

Style + subject + setting + composition + lighting + any additional information needed

Let’s break down these elements in a bit more detail.

The style sets the aesthetic or artistic direction of the image. You can set the style by specifying your preferred artistic style or time period. Additionally, the subject is the main focus of the image, such as a person, object, or animal. So, describe the subject’s appearance, colors, and specific features you desire to get an accurate image.

On the other hand, the setting establishes the context or environment for the subject. It could be an indoor or outdoor location, real or imaginary, and includes details like environmental elements, time of day, and weather conditions.

Composition determines how to arrange and present the subject and elements (considering the viewpoint, angle, and specific framing preferences), while the lighting sets the mood and tone of the image. Make sure to specify the type of lighting and the mood it should convey, including any atmospheric effects that add to the overall ambiance.

Lastly, you can also include any additional information needed to add depth and complexity. This includes secondary objects, characters, or animals, and details about their interactions or placement relative to the main subject.

Use these instructions to craft perfect prompts. Source: Midjourney

Also, take into consideration that Midjourney V6 is much more sensitive to prompts and requires more explicit and precise instructions. Focus on a structured, linguistic framework rather than random phrases and words. Avoid vague terms like “award-winning” or “photorealistic”, which were common prompting techniques until now.

To have more granular control over the final result, you can also adjust the -style raw or -stylize values. These are parameters you can include in your prompts to better influence the style and appearance of the generated images.

On the one hand, the -style raw parameter is used to instruct the AI to adhere more closely to the realistic and raw aspects of the image, minimizing artistic interpretation or embellishment. This is useful when you want a more straightforward, realistic representation of the prompt.

On the other hand, the -stylize [value] parameter controls the level of artistic interpretation and stylization in the image. The value that follows -stylize can range (typically from 0 to 1000). While lower values lead to less stylization, higher values increase the artistic and abstract qualities of the image.

If you’re struggling with inspiration to write your prompts, you can visit sites like propmptoMANIA or PromptHero to get prompt ideas!


What is Midjourney V6?

Midjourney V6 is the latest version of an AI model developed by Midjourney, known for its significant advancements in generating highly realistic and detailed images. This version introduces enhanced photorealism, in-image text, and more accurate prompt interpretation.

How do I enable Midjourney V6?

You can enable V6 through Midjourney’s official Discord server by selecting V6 in the /settings command or by typing --v 6 after your prompt.

How do you use Midjourney?

To use Midjourney, join the Midjourney Discord server, head to one of the #newbies channels, type the /imagine command, and write a prompt. You can then adjust different settings to control the image style and resolution.

How much does Midjourney cost?

Midjourney offers various subscription plans that range from $8 to $96 per month. If you’d like to have Midjourney’s premium version, you can do so by typing the /subscribe command on their official Discord server.

Whether you’re an artist, a designer, or someone fascinated by AI, Midjourney V6 is a great tool to play around with. Remember that you can also add the Midjourney bot to a Discord server if you want to generate images privately.

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