ADHD is a subreddit for people with ADHD. Along with scientific content, you will also find a safe space to vent and connect with others.

The community focuses on sharing science-related content about ADHD to help members better understand this disorder. Also, the community supports people with ADHD by offering an inclusive space for them to share their stories and experiences.

Apart from being on Reddit, ADHD has a Discord server. Inside, you will have the opportunity of connecting with over 10,000 ADHD folks and chat in real-time. The Discord server has general discussion chatrooms as well as channels for sharing ADHD news and events worldwide.

On the other hand, the subreddit includes past and current AMA threads with experts. These events are great for you to participate in if you have specific questions or concerns about ADHD.

There is another section called "New to ADHD?". It includes essential articles and other resources to better understand ADHD. Finally, you can explore the community's megathreads. These are the biggest threads, and most of them are stories about the moment in which people were diagnosed or started an ADHD treatment.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Amount of members: 1,500,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Find support:
One of the goals of the community is to bring support to people who were recently diagnosed with ADHD. Also, people starting their treatment or having any questions related to ADHD will find help and advice here.

Learn about ADHD:
Most of the posts focus on sharing articles or recent news about ADHD. The idea is to gather relevant information about this condition for people having it learn how to deal with it. You will find many pieces of research and scientific content!

Connect with like-minded people:
This community opens a safe, inclusive space for free interaction, active listening, and peer support. You will meet many more people with the same condition and even make some new friends.



No requirements.


Learning Events

ADHD hosts AMA sessions with experts to help members inform themselves and learn about this condition. Generally, moderators announce upcoming AMA sessions through a new thread, several days before the event. On the event day, the special guest will go comment by comment answering members' questions.

Networking Events

Members of ADHD can freely interact through comments and threads on Reddit. Also, by joining the Discord server, you will be able to chat in real-time and connect more casually with others. There are channels to talk about off-topic subjects, such as games and programming, among others. You can also join the creativity zone channel or the book club. Indeed, it's a great space to find like-minded people with shared interests who also have ADHD.

Content Library

Inside the subreddit, members are constantly sharing articles and news about ADHD. Some of the articles belong to scientific journals specializing in psychology, while others include tips and advice such as how to cope. In other cases, you will find videos with relevant information on ADHD. Lastly, you can also go to past AMA threads and learn new things from the experts' answers.


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