Advanced Alpha offers the opportunity to participate in self-improvement programs to boost your productivity in a mastermind group. As a member, you'll be working along with your peers to solve problems and help each other to achieve personal and professional goals.

The community meets weekly by zoom to receive guided growth and stay connected in a private WhatsApp group. Neil Young, the Facilitator, will lead the group and assist you with one-to-one coaching services and exclusive curated programs for your training. Share your challenges in the Hot Seat session to find solutions to common obstacles with your peers.

Members participate in bi-annual meetings where they have the possibility of enriching the experience by sharing different points of view and cultures.

You can also purchase the courses created to design and implement personalized strategies to achieve your goals.

For applying, you need to contact the group and schedule a call.



  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Founders:

    Neil Young

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Weekly zoom call with your peers to receive guided growth, improve your accountability skills, and track your goals. Share your obstacles and frustrations on the Hot Seat session.

Bi-annual meetup.

Learn to succeed:
Access to exclusive learning programs created to boost your potential.

Get a monthly book to study and discuss.

Receive the visit of an expert every month and learn the best practices.

One-on-one coaching:
Get more time with your coach and receive personalized guidance.

Join the tribe:
Be part of a like-minded people mentoring group that will hold you accountable and be supportive in your fulfillment journey. Participate in self-improvement programs together and stay connected in a private WhatsApp group.

Included in Free Version

You can access the free resources section to find a 10+ Must-Read Books list recommended by Advanced Alpha and take a self-discovery test.



You need to complete a form to apply.



Members meet in a weekly zoom call to receive guided growth, improve accountability skills, and track their goals. You can participate in the Hot Seat session to share your challenges and learn from the monthly book discussion.

Also, there's a bi-annual meetup to engage and learn from new cultures.

Between meetings, you can stay in touch with your tribe in a private WhatsApp group where you're able to share your ideas in a safe environment.

Networking Events

Access to the private WhatsApp group and stay connected with your peers between meetings.

Content Library

Members can access exclusive content and programs created by the team.


Advanced alpha offers courses for designing and implementing personalized strategies to achieve your goals. The facilitator will guide you through the process of behavior change and help you define your desired outcome. You can purchase the Advanced Alpha Mastery Course for $2000 or take them separately.


"I've only been in the mastermind for a few weeks but I could say without a doubt that it has greatly increased my productivity and just helps me get things done! Having accountability buddies is a gem - love you guys! I've become a woman of my word, which I feel I already was but now at another level. It makes me see daily if I'm doing the little things that will bring me to my goals and keeps me accountable to live my best life!!!!" - Mona Zalatan.

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