Afro-Tech Women is an NGO that works to help teenage girls and adult women from Nigeria to build a career in STEM with free training.

The community is free to join and has different programs for different women. It has accumulated over 930 members since its inception in 2015. For high school girls, they host a boot camp every summer to help introduce the girls into the technology field. Likewise, for university students and young professionals, there are also opportunities available.

On the one hand, you can join the online forum. Inside, you will find lots of women with an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). You can connect and interact with them, exchanging knowledge and experiences.

The supportive network of women will motivate you to go further to accomplish your most ambitious goals. This community also provides you with all the resources you need to get access to more equal job opportunities and to build a career in tech.

Additionally, the online forum allows you to access exclusive content from the community. As a member of the forum, you will also be the first to hear about new events and training. On the other hand, for university students and young professionals, there are also internship opportunities available!

Furthermore, as a member of Afro-Tech Girls, you will have access to lots of training. From workshops, conferences, and expert talks, to months-long courses and weeks-long boot camps, this community is ideal to develop your skills.

Lastly, if you want to support an NGO that is doing great work in Nigeria, you can volunteer with your time and skill set, or you can donate money/other resources.

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Join a community of women in STEM in Nigeria:
Afro-Tech Girls has accumulated over 900 members since its inception in 2015. By joining the community, you will be able to connect with other women in tech via the online forum, to share experiences and network.

Leverage training opportunities to develop your skills:
The community has lots of training opportunities, such as courses, mentorship programs, boot camps, workshops, and conferences. There are both virtual and in-person events. Additionally, all events are free and a great opportunity to further expand your knowledge!

Support an NGO with a strong mission:
You can volunteer in different roles inside the organization, or donate your money/other resources to help an NGO that is trying to reduce the gender gap in STEM in Nigeria.



No requirements.


Learning Events

Members of Afro-Tech Girls have the opportunity to participate in several learning events. There are workshops, expert talks, training boot camps, courses, and conferences. Some of the latest events were:

  • Cloud Computing 5-week training
  • UI/UX Design 4-months course
  • Resume Workshop
  • Product/project management workshop
  • Thriving as a woman in STEM conference

All events are free, but most of them are also member-exclusive, so you need to be a member to participate. All named events were virtual, but there are also in-person mentorship opportunities for girls in high school (like the Summer Bootcamp). There are also internship opportunities for advanced university students and young professionals.

Networking Events

Members of the community interact in an online forum. Afro-Tech Girls helps teenage girls and also adult women, but the forum is exclusive for university students and young professionals. Inside, you will find lots of women looking to build a career in STEM. Members talk every day about their challenges and successes and help each other out by giving advice, feedback, and encouragement. 

By participating in the forum, you will also get exclusive access to the community's content and you will be the first to hear about new events and training opportunities.


Afro-Tech Women helps to spread knowledge in STEM to women in Nigeria, supporting them into having equal access to opportunities and building a solid career in tech.


"I'm fully in support of encouraging ladies who have an interest in Science & Engineering. I love what @afrotechgirls
are into." -Twitter User

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