Art of Problem Solving is a free community focused on helping passionate students to improve their math skills and develop the ability to think critically.

The community is divided into three big programs. On the one hand, there is AoPS Online, a space with different math courses and classes for high school students. On the other hand, the second program, AoPS Academy, has more than ten centers with an in-person curriculum on math and language arts. Lastly, AoPS Beast Academy teaches math to elementary students through comic-book-style illustrations and other pedagogical techniques. AoPS' main purpose is to engage students in math learning and develop their ability to think critically.

Courses' prices start from $31 a week. However, you can create a free account and join the community's online forums. A free account also allows you to enjoy a collection of contests and leverage a resources section. This section includes many videos explaining different math concepts such as ratios, percents, square roots, among others.

Moreover, the community has its own digital bookstore where you can buy a wide range of math books. Prices start at $40. Lastly, Art of Problem Solving is the best option if you would like to learn while playing and having fun. By joining the community you will be able to participate in their daily games and interact with math students from all over the world.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Founders:

    Richard Rusczyk

  • Amount of members: 869,830
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Learn math with an innovative approach:
You will find math interesting and fascinating once you discover the Art of Problem Solving pedagogical approaches, which include learning through games and interactive, engaging tools.

Access a wide library of resources:
From video tutoring sessions to preparation events for contests, the AoPS resource library it's essential for any math student. If you don't know where to start, there is also a recommendation section in the bookstore.

Wide range of courses:
AoPS has many student-centered math courses to learn different topics. You can join from all over the world in the online classes. Additionally, and if you live in the United States, you will also be able to attend in-person lessons.

Included in Free Version

In AoPS' free version, you can access the community forum, where members share their knowledge, ask questions, and bounce off ideas with others.

Also, for free you can get access to a collection of previous contests and curated information in video format about different math topics.


No requirements.



Members of this community frequently meet according to their classes' schedules. Before getting enrolled in any course, you can check their schedule on the AoPS website.

Learning Events

The community offers events that help students to practice for different math contests. Through a virtual platform, students interact with a simulation to help them improve their performance for a specific contest. The events are scheduled on the community's website. To register, you just need to check if they are already available or if you need to wait until a specific date to access them.

Networking Events

Members of the Art of Problem Solving community have the opportunity to interact and meet other students through numerous online forums. However, when it comes to socializing, the best option is to go to the "Other interests" forum. Inside, members share their hobbies and other topics of interest besides math, so it's a great place to chat casually and develop new friendships.

Content Library

Members of Art of Problem Solving enjoy several educational resources. These vary from recorded lessons (in video format), online games, and practice events for contests, to a full collection of books and previous contests, and a puzzle library.


AoPS has many courses that vary according to diverse students' needs, expectations, and interests. You can choose among 38 different courses. Some of them are designed for different levels: introductory, intermediate, or advanced. Some others are for specific-contests preparation. Science and computer programming courses are also available.

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