Banjo Hangout is a free online forum for banjo players. Additionally, it includes a marketplace and many resources to learn to play the banjo.

The online forum organizes into four big main categories. The first one is about playing the banjo. It includes playing advice for different banjos and music styles, along with a section for music theory. On the other hand, there is a forum to discuss other banjo-related topics. Inside, you will find threads on banjo building, setup, and repair, along with other sections such as a swap shop, shopping advice, tab requests and discussions, and more.

Additionally, the forum includes a category to discuss general music and off-topic conversations about non-banjo-related topics. The last category is for discussion about the Banjo Hangout forum itself.

On the other hand, the community offers banjo players a complete media section. You can explore two comprehensive libraries with MP3 tracks and videos. Additionally, there is a learning section with video lessons, banjo challenges/contests, and a directory to help you find a teacher.

Lastly, the Banjo Hangout has its own marketplace. Members sell full banjos or banjo parts and accessories. Moreover, you can also explore a calendar of banjo events in the United States. Overall, this forum is an excellent place for all banjo players to learn, find like-minded people to bounce off ideas with, and discuss all things banjos.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2000
  • Amount of members: 127,200
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Improve your skills:
All content shared by the community is focused on helping members improve their performance as banjo players. You can find useful discussion threads, videos, and audio material to learn more and explore new techniques.

Sell and buy:
Through the marketplace members of the community can buy and sell banjos and accessories. You just need to check the rules for posting which include always specifying the price.

Interact with fellow banjo players:
All threads in the forum are great opportunities to meet other musicians. You can discover people with similar interests and skills to exchange advice, share knowledge, and bounce off ideas.



No requirements.


Networking Events

Generally, members of Banjo Hangout interact mainly through the online forum. They can talk about all things banjo, other music-related topics, off-topic content (not banjo-related), and games. Apart from this, the community has a calendar with upcoming banjo events in the United States. You can choose a state or city to filter the events. Some of these are festivals, concerts, and music camps. The events are not hosted by the community but they provide a scenario for interaction and entertainment with other banjo players and musicians.

Content Library

There is a wide library of banjo-related content. The first section is a banjo tab library where you can find over 8,000 tabs. Some of these tabs require special software to be read (the community provides all links to download different software). Another section comprises more than 140 video lessons, which differentiates from another video library with videos uploaded by members (mostly covers). Lastly, you can also explore a music library full of MP3 banjo tracks.


Some of the lessons the community offers are paid and serve as mini-courses for banjo players. For instance, you can start learning about banjo chords for $9 and continue with great banjo tunes for $29.

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