College Confidential is a free community with forums for students and parents who are going through the college research and application process.

To join the community it's completely free and very useful for future college students in the United States. College Confidential has online forums with millions of members, who are both students and parents. You can connect with other people going through the college research and application process to ask questions and request advice. The online forums are very useful to find a mentor, making new friends, and even meeting your future classmates.

There are several categories inside the online forum. On the one hand, you can join discussions about college search and selection, but also about financial aid and scholarships. On the other hand, there are additional categories such as "Parent Forums", "College Admission", and "Test Preparation". A very useful forum is "Ask Me Anything". Inside, you can participate in AMAs from students and verified professionals.

Moreover, the community offers a wide range of resources. College Confidential has a section with SAT and ACT test prep information and tools, and a similar section of guides about paying for college (loans, scholarships, financial aid). The community also offers some tools, such as a free AI admission predictor that can calculate your chances for different colleges. There is also a college list builder, a very useful tool for researching since you can explore colleges and save them as favorites.

Lastly, College Confidential offers access to CollegeGo and Smart Track. They are a digital coaching service and a framework for paying less for college, respectively.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2001
  • Founders:

    Brian Co and Mike Prosper

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get guidance in your college admission journey:
College Confidential's online forum it's an awesome place to ask questions and request advice regarding different college topics. From test prep and financial aid to searching for colleges and major selection, the discussion on College Confidential will help you make an informed decision.

Network with other students and parents:
Inside the community's online forum, the are millions of students and also parents who are learning about college admission. You will be able to connect with others, find mentors, and even make new friends.

Leverage the community's resources:
College Confidential offers several guides, articles, and tools to help you better understand the college admission process and make the best decision for you and your future.


No requirements.


Networking Events

Members of College Confidential connect and interact in the community's online forum. There are several forums, such as:

  • College Search & Selection
  • Parents Forum
  • College Admissions
  • Test Preparation
  • College Essays & Writing Help
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships

... and many more! The College Confidential online forums are an awesome space to connect with other students and parents who are navigating the college admission process. It provides a safe space to request advice, ask questions, and share information and experiences with others.

Content Library

The community has several useful resources for future college students. On the one hand, you can access SAT and ACT test prep tools and guidance. College Confidential also offers resources regarding paying for higher education, such as advice on loans, budgeting, and financial aid. On the other hand, there are helpful articles for you to explore, as well as some interesting tools.

Tools include, firstly, a free AI admissions predictor. This tool allows you to calculate your chances for hundreds of the top selective colleges and universities in the United States. Additionally, the college list builder allows you to research schools, save your favorites, and share your list with others. Moreover, College Confidential also provides access to CollegeGo, which it's a digital coaching service, and SmartTrack, which teaches you how to pay less for college.


"Thank you for your continuous support and always providing such exceptional resources and that too for free! You might or might not know how much you have helped students like me who would otherwise have to apply to colleges without any information due to limited financial resources. Thank you for lighting a match in the darkness. Cheers!" -Member of College Confidential

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