The Ecommerce Community offers a Spanish-speaking space to share, discover and connect with hundreds of eCommerce professionals. With more than 5300 students and experts engaging daily in the online campus, they built a unique learning ecosystem. As a student, you can expect a group that will help you learn to uplevel your sales on online channels.

As they have a private Circle community to assist with your specific questions, it's an excellent opportunity to find support coming from experts and peers. Besides, the community organizes monthly online events where members gather in learning and leisure activities.

In addition, they created a repository full of tools, discounts, and resources to manage your business and everyday tasks.

Membership costs $9 monthly or $99 yearly and includes your spot in the community. Everyone who works in the eCommerce field is welcome to join, no matter if you are an entrepreneur, developer, marketer, or marketplace professional.

You can access some limited community features and take a look at the campus for free. Still, PRO membership gives access to hand-curated resources to keep learning in the community.


  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Pablo Renaud

  • Amount of members: 5,300
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: Spanish
  • Method: Virtual


Join a private Circle community:
Full of eCommerce professionals, the platform is a great place to meet new people and leverage peer-learning opportunities. You can find news, self-promoting channels, and exclusive events on a platform free of social media noise and spam. In addition, your Pro membership unlocks unique content to simplify your everyday work.

Attend exclusive events:
As a Pro member, you'll be invited to participate in monthly gatherings. These learning spaces are designed to connect you with industry experts and fellow eCommerce professionals. You can take advantage of the guest speakers to receive personalized support and advice.

Access to valuable tools and resources:
The community has created a repository of tools, documents, resources, discounts, and recorded sessions. Pro members get full access to the resources collection, which is hand-picked by the community members.

You can take a look at the campus and the programs they offer for free, and if it fulfills your expectations, you can register to access 30+ courses. Besides, they have plenty of channels to discuss news, best practices, and opportunities in the industry.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

As a free member, you can access the forums sections with daily discussions and learning opportunities. They have a free account membership you need to create if you want to participate.


Members must work or be related to the marketing industry. The group is composed of digital marketing people, sales professionals, online business experts, and developers.



Pro members participate in monthly meetings to learn from industry experts and peers. Still, if you're a free member, you can be part of several events promoted in their dedicated channel.

Learning Events

They join in weekly Pro Sessions, connecting the community with experts in a learning environment. Inside the Circle community, you can access a private agenda to keep up to date with the upcoming events, and even participate by voting for the most exciting ones.

Networking Events

The community runs in Circle, where free and paid members can participate in forums categorized by topics of interest in the marketing industry. Members share news, opportunities, ask for feedback and exchange their best tactics.

Inside the network, you can find a strong community of people working in marketing, and unlock networking opportunities. As you'll find people working in complementary fields, it's a good place to share your obstacles and ask for community support. Besides, they follow a peer-learning approach, ensuring you'll have the company of your peers in the learning journey.

Content Library

As a Pro member, you gain access to a library with past weekly sessions. In addition, there's also a repository full of valuable resources, discounts, tools, and docs to simplify your everyday work.


The community has an Ecommerce University, where you can learn how to sell and improve your outcomes with a schedule of 32+ courses. With a program created to accelerate your success, you'll cultivate the skills needed to launch and manage a successful eCommerce business.


"It was about time to have a large well-articulated #eCommerce community where you can ask, share and talk with professionals in the sector. Thanks to @ecommerce_uni for creating it!" -Corti

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