Critique Circle is a community for authors to get feedback on their manuscripts before publication. It has thousands of members globally.

It's free to register Critique Circle, and it's a valuable resource for writers. This platform allows you to network with other authors around the world, and develop your own support network. You will find people in Critique Circle who understand what you are going through and can help you with some advice or insight.

When you first register to Critique Circle, the first step is to get some credits. Credits allow you to publish your own stories to Critique Circle for other authors to criticize. You can earn credits by criticizing stories from other authors. When you publish your work, other authors will read it and give you advice. The advice other writers can give you is invaluable and will help you to improve your draft before finishing it.

Furthermore, you can connect with the community in the forums. There are diverse forums that cover diverse aspects of writing. People use the forums to ask questions, share wins or struggles, request advice, or just hang out and casually talk about writing. You can also message individual members.

On the other hand, there are premium membership plans in Critique Circle that offer added benefits. The Premium membership costs $11/month, while the Gold Premium membership costs $18/month. However, if you pay annually, the memberships will cost $5 and $8/month, respectively. You can find all the added benefits from the memberships on Critique Circle's subscription page.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Founders:

    Jon Bjarnason

  • Amount of members: 5,500
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Network with other authors:
Thousands of authors from all over the world use Critique Circle to connect and interact with fellow authors from different genres and with diverse stories. In this community, you can meet like-minded people and develop a support network to rely on for help.

Get relevant feedback:
Critique Circle allows you to get authors to criticize your manuscripts, giving you valuable feedback to improve your drafts before publication. To get critics on your work, you must first critique some stories from other authors.

Connect with the community in the forums:
The community has several forums on diverse topics for authors. Usually, there are discussions about writing in general, tips for style or character improvement, writing tools and resources, or the writer's lifestyle.

  • Monthly Cost



No requirements.


Networking Events

Members of the community connect on Critique Circle's website. There are a variety of forums for you to visit and ask questions or share your insights. Some categories are:

  • On Writing
  • The Procrastination Lounge
  • Research
  • Genres
  • Publishing

You can also have "buddies" on the platform. These are people with whom you interact on a regular basis. Additionally, you can send private messages to individual members.

Lastly, since the community is all about critiquing manuscripts, you can network and meet other authors by critiquing their stories, and by publishing your stories to be critiqued.

Content Library

Critique Circle has several member-exclusive tools to make your life easier as a writer. You can find writing prompts, a word meter, and a name generator. You can also use the "Manuscript Progress" and the "Outlining Workshop" tools. Additionally, the community offers a knowledge base with tutorials on many aspects of the platform, to help you use it effectively.


"Critique Circle has one of the widest scopes of ensuring improvement for real writers. A brilliant step to publication." -Shandana Khalid

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