CTO Craft is an online free community that brings together CTOs and technology managers to help them become better leaders.

The community provides coaching, events, and workshops to achieve this purpose. On the one hand, the free membership grants you access to a Slack group to connect with hundreds of experienced CTOs.

You can also attend and participate in free events and webinars. To complement this learning process, members have access to resources and the community's newsletter. This is focused on tech leadership and it is updated every week.

For those who wish for a deeper experience, there is a paid membership. It costs £200/month or £2,200/year. Besides the features of the free membership, this includes a monthly mentoring circle (online or in-person, your choice). The mentoring circles are a geat opportunity to learn in a collaborative way. They are monthly meetings held with small groups. Members choose the topics to discuss which makes it a more personalized experience.

You will also join a pool of other CTOs and connect with an experienced CTO Craft Coach via Slack, along with accessing exclusive events with industry experts, special offers, and additional content.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Andy Skipper

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Attend events:
The community hosts virtual and in-person events such as webinars, lunches, dinners, meetups, panels, talks, and other partner events.

Access relevant resources:
CTP Craft provides free resources and a weekly newsletter to keep members up-to-date. If you opt for the paid membership, you will also access exclusive content.

Participate in mentoring circles:
This is an option available for the paid membership. These meetings are held each month and provide a personalized learning experience.


No requirements.



Paid members of CTO Craft join monthly mentoring circles. These meetings are guided by an expert on the subject and built considering the topics proposed by the attendees. The idea is to create an agenda of topics to discuss what can be approached during the meeting in order for members to become better leaders.

Learning Events

Members attend free events. There are different types of learning events. Some of these are virtual, for example, webinars or free taster circle sessions. Others can be done in-person, such as panels, talks, and partner events. To attend any of these events, you need previous registration.

Networking Events

Both members of the free and paid memberships have access to a Slack group. It has the purpose of connecting hundreds of CTOs and technology managers. They commonly share their experiences and learning processes. Additionally, if you pay for a membership, you have access to an exclusive chat with an expert CTO via Slack.

Other opportunities to hang out with like-minded peers are the lunches and dinners organized by the community.

Content Library

CTO Craft offers free resources and high-quality content that is exclusive to members. Besides, you can subscribe for free to the community's weekly newsletter. It is focused on tech management and offers pieces of advice to improve your leadership skills.


"Being part of a Mentoring Circle has been a very valuable learning experience. I'm able to connect with other leaders outside of my own industry, where we can share knowledge and give advice on our own individual challenges." -Claire Donald

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