Dallas Architecture Forum is a non-profit organization that gathers architects and design professionals. Indeed, the community it's a place to discuss relevant topics for the industry, share knowledge and learn.

Memberships are paid and give you access to all the community's events. Specifically, there are three membership levels.

  • Forum membership: with two levels (individual and circle). Both levels receive free access to events. In addition, Circle members receive also enhanced benefits and recognition. Starting from $12.5.
  • Corporate membership: for small to mid-size companies. The membership gives free access to events to all the company's employees and gives the brand special recognition. Starting from $675.
  • Design Society membership: for young professionals, students, or design enthusiasts. This membership has all the benefits of the Forum membership. Starting from $30.

You can pay any of these levels annually or monthly. On the other hand, the community gives all its members free access to the learning events they host. Specifically, there are three types of events:

  • Forum Lecture Series: events where emerging talents and thought leaders from the industry speak and share knowledge.
  • Forum Panel Series: to sharing opinions and viewpoints about relevant issues that can be addressed for designers at a local and regional level. Besides, there are moderators and expert panelists to guide the sessions.
  • Dallas Design Symposium: an annual event that gathers architects, designers, and artists. Its purpose is to learn about relevant topics in the industry. It's also an excellent opportunity to network.

To join the Dallas Architecture Forum, you must fill out a form and pay the chosen monthly or yearly membership. To do this, you choose via online or via mail. Finally, the events were originally in-person in the United States, but in 2020 and 2021 were all virtual.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 1996
  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Dedicated space for design professionals and enthusiasts:
The Dallas Architecture Forum is a community that gathers architects and design professionals and enthusiasts to generate interdisciplinary conversations, discuss relevant topics, and learn.

Learn from experts:
The community regularly brings expert professionals and thought leaders in diverse design fields. All members have free access to these events.

Grow as a professional in the design field:
Dallas Architecture Forum's satellite, Design Society, is a space for students and young professionals to connect and inspire each other, sharing relevant information and tips for growing in their fields.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost



No requirements.



Members of the Dallas Architecture Forum meet regularly in virtual and in-person events, both to learn and to network. Events are mostly panels, lecture series, and symposiums, crafted to learn and grow in your career.

The Forum is always inviting expert speakers and thought leaders in the design field to empower their members to progress and evolve in their professions. There are also occasional special events that include, for example, visits or house-tours to architectural emblems of different cities.

Through these meetings, members can get to know each other and develop tight bonds while amplifying their professional network.

Learning Events

  • Forum Lecture Series:
    These events feature speakers from the fields of architecture and design. Speakers are emerging voices as well as established thought leaders. The lectures are usually in-person, but in 2020 and in 2021 were virtual.
  • Forum Panel Series:
    The series is designed to feature local and regional issues where architects and designers can have an impact. These events are moderated by professionals and have panelists that discuss opinions and viewpoints.
  • Dallas Design Symposium:
    This annual event is an interdisciplinary space for conversation between architects, artists, and designers, that brings together both professionals and enthusiasts of these fields to network and learn.

Networking Events

Design Society is a satellite of the Dallas Architecture Forum, founded to create an interdisciplinary space of conversation for young, aspiring design professionals and design enthusiasts. The Design Society hosts cultural programs and events, to connect and network while working together on different projects.

Content Library

The community's YouTube channel has over 50 videos that feature several talks and conferences from different experts in the design field. You can explore the video library to immerse yourself in the world of architecture.

All videos are designed to help you learn something new with the help of thought leaders and important personalities. Experts and speakers are mostly designers and architects.


As a non-profit organization, the Dallas Architecture Forum impact positively the designer community on a regional and national level.

Its programs are designed to further educate and spread knowledge among the community's members. Furthermore, it helps young professionals to insert themselves into the industry through networking and collaborative projects.

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