The Design Leadership Forum is a community that gathers thousands of veteran design leaders from top companies around the world.

The community is a tight-knit space where the world's best design leaders can learn from one another. It's a confidential, supportive place where you can share those issues that keep you up at night, with the confidence that nobody will reveal sensitive information about your company.

There are 3000 enterprise design leaders in the community. They belong to companies like Headspace, Coinbase, Facebook, Apple, Fox, Twitch, Oracle, Dropbox, IBM, Survey Monkey, Coursera, Samsung, and many more.

To join, you have to fill an application form. The Design Leadership Forum's team hand-vet every application, maintaining the quality of the community. The requirement is that you are an experienced design leader, which means:

  • You lead a team making digital products, and/or...
  • You hold a Director level role or higher.

The community has its own private Slack group. That's the place where members mostly interact on a daily basis. The purpose of this group is to help you find quick answers to your questions while learning from other members' diverse experiences and backgrounds. You will become an insider on the practices and solutions that high-performing design teams are currently implementing.

Besides the online group, members regularly meet at online events, such as workshops and roundtables. Before COVID, there were dinners around the world, local community meetups, and even retreats. These networking events were an excellent opportunity to connect with leaders in the design industry while expanding your professional network.

Nowadays, these spaces have moved to the online world, but their relevance keeps intact. The online meetups still are a great space to network and connect with community members.

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  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Clark Valberg

  • Amount of members: 3,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join thousands of veteran design leaders from top companies:
Become an insider and learn the practices and solutions of high-performing design teams from top companies around the world. The community has diverse perspectives of fellow design leaders that can help you advance in your career.

Supportive, confidential space:
The community is a tight-knit space where you can have conversations on your most pressing issues, having the confidence that nobody will reveal sensitive information about your company.

Huge networking opportunities:
The Design Leadership Forum is a community that characterizes for its networking opportunities. Before the pandemic, there were dinners, community meetups, and even retreats for members to socialize. Nowadays, all these spaces have moved into the online world, but their relevance keeps the same.



To join, you must fill in an application form that will be hand-vetted before new members are accepted into the community. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • To lead a team that is making digital products.
  • To have a role of at least director, or higher.



Pre-COVID, most events took place in the United States. However, there were also events in other countries such as France and Canada, for example. Usually, members gathered at dinners, retreats, and in-person community meetups.

During the pandemic, however, all events transitioned to be online (and still are), making it more accessible for every member to attend all events. Members regularly meet online in roundtable discussions, webinars, workshops, and a private Slack group.

Learning Events

Community members regularly participate in online events such as roundtable discussions. These events are member-only, and they are announced in the Slack group.

On the other hand, the Design Leadership Forum was created by InVision. They also host webinars and other virtual events, usually bringing in expert speakers. The events are also about design and leadership, and most are free to register.

Networking Events

Members interact on a private Slack group. Before the pandemic, they enjoyed in-person events such as dinners, community meetups, and even retreats to recharge while connecting and learning.

Networking, connecting, and meeting new people is a big part of the Design Leadership Forum community, because it's the best way to exchange powerful ideas and share experiences with helpful lessons. That's why they put loads of effort to make the community a thriving space to network. Design leaders from top technology companies are leveraging the Slack group to foster meaningful connections and expand their professional network.


Face-to-face conversations are the best resources for growing as a design leader. The connections I’ve made here are real, the advice and anecdotes are fresh and relevant, and it’s been equally rewarding to offer some help in return.” -Frank Yoo

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