Joining designers from different backgrounds in chapters across Canada, the US, and Europe, DesignX offers a space to learn and meet new people. They connect 5,000+ designers in online channels and live events, facilitating a place where you can learn from peers and find inspiration.

In conversations and live events, members participate in peer-learning activities to boost their creativity together. As a member, you can also join expert-led sessions to acquire new skills with speakers from top world-class companies.

Join in week-long online events to follow schedules designed for every step of your career advancement and receive guidance to make your own path.

With 5,000+ active members, they host Slack channels where designers connect and discuss industry insight beyond events. You can be part by completing an application form including your professional information and wait for the invitation link.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Preet Arjun Singh

  • Amount of members: 5,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Join private Slack channels:
Access a network with 5,000+ professionals sharing resources and challenges. Discover new projects to collaborate and strengthen the community by sharing your knowledge.

Access an open repository:
Discover how much designers are earning for their services, and contribute with your experience to promote salary transparency. Search by filtering by location and experience levels to establish equity fees for your services.

Job opportunities:
Browse available positions across leading organizations or hire a talented professional within the trusted community. Apply for remote and in-person opportunities from all over the globe.

Learn from the bests:
Participate in conferences and summits where professionals working in top companies led talks and group activities. Join in webinars and workshops to implement best practices shared by experts.




To be part of the community, you need to fill a form including professional information and wait for the invitation link.



Members engage in virtual and in-person gatherings to learn from experts and meet new people. Through summits and week-long conferences, you'll sharp your designer skills along with your peers.

Learning Events

The community hosts virtual conferences where members learn new tools and participate in expert talks. With live Q&A sessions, IceBreakers, and social breaks, you'll discover how to scale your services and build a solid customer experience.

They also have a special place for early-stage designers. You can participate in the ladders conference to learn the foundations of industry best practices. Gain foundation skills and discover new tools to improve your work.

Conferences' price starts at $90 and varies according to the number of people in your team.

Networking Events

Members join in a private Slack community to meet fellow professionals and forge new relationships. There's an application process for being invited, ensuring you'll find people matching your profile.

Remote design week's participants engage in online social events to bond with fellow designers and find collaboration opportunities.

Content Library

You can access video-recorded talks and learn from top experts working in the design industry. Discover how to scale your business, sharp your skills and receive support to enrich your creative process.

Check the repository of salaries to discover if you're receiving equity pay. Filter by job title, country, and experience to find the recommended salary for your services.


"Being part of the DesignX community has helped me broaden my perspective and made me a better designer because of it. I appreciate the sense of unity and togetherness, which we all need at some point. I can't thank DesignX enough for connecting us in this wonderful community." -Joanna Ambrosio

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