The Dynamite Circle is a community for location-independent entrepreneurs to develop deep relationships and network with other diverse entrepreneurs.

The community has a paid membership model and you can opt for the annual plan ($499/year) or the quarterly plan ($147/quarter). To join, you have to wait until the Application Committee reviews your application.

Members of the Dynamite Circle meet established founders in different industries, with diverse expertise levels, and from all around the world. Once you join, you can be matched in a mastermind group with other entrepreneurs with complementary goals and experience. This will ensure you get the most out of your interactions.

Additionally, you will be able to participate in an online business forum. This is a private, moderated forum, where you can find useful discussions and insights about business and the nomad lifestyle. It's an excellent place to ask questions and get support while you grow your business.

On the other hand, the community organizes several events throughout the year. You can participate in monthly local meetups that take place in over 10 cities around the world. These meetings are a great opportunity to meet other members in person. Another chance to network exists in the annual events of the Dynamite Circle.

The community hosts two annual events, one in Mexico City and the other in Bangkok. These events gather over 300 entrepreneurs and last for five days. Those five days have lots of talks from experts, topic-based meetups, workshops, and masterminds. You will be able to learn tons while connecting with fellow entrepreneurs.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Founders:

    Ian Schoen and Dan Andrews

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Meet other location-independent entrepreneurs:
The Dynamite Circle is filled with entrepreneurs from all over the world. You will learn how to build a business in a way that allows you to be a digital nomad. There are entrepreneurs from diverse industries and expertise levels as well.

Participate in in-person meetings around the world:
The community organizes monthly local meetups in 10+ cities around the world. They also host two annual events in Mexico City and in Bangkok, where 300+ entrepreneurs gather to interact offline.

Interact and learn about business:
Whether it be with the group masterminds or with the online business forum, the community has learning opportunities designed to help you grow and thrive as a location-independent entrepreneur.

  • Yearly Cost


To be a founder and entrepreneur growing a real business.



Members of the Dynamite Circle participate in monthly local meetups in over 10 cities around the world. These are casual meetings where members gather to connect and meet each other in person. The meetings are called DCx events.

Learning Events

The community organizes two large annual events. DC Mexico City and DC BKK are organized by the community's team in Mexico City and Bangkok, respectively. Both events gather around 300 entrepreneurs who connect over the course of five days. 

Those days are filled with learning opportunities such as masterminds, workshops, talks from expert speakers, and topic-based meetups.

Networking Events

The Dynamite Circle facilitates connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs in different types of industries. If you join an online mastermind, you will be matched up with a group of founders with related goals and experience. This will allow you to network with people in a similar situation as you.

You can also interact with the rest of the members in the online business forum. This is a private, moderated forum to discuss different topics about entrepreneurship and the digital nomad lifestyle. Inside the forum, you can share your knowledge and learn with other founders' insights. 

Additionally, the monthly local meetups and the annual events are great opportunities to network with members and meet each other in person.

Benefits with other companies

Dynamite Jobs is a platform for hiring remote workers or finding a freelance job. As a member of the Dynamite Circle, you will have discounted prices on all Dynamite Jobs services.


"This community exposes me to people doing such BIG and AWESOME things, that it just forces me to reconsider everything -constantly. The openness and the level of conversation here is something I don't get in my everyday life, and I'm grateful for it." -Alon Shabo

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