Empower Her is an NGO that helps women who want to pursue a career in IT by offering free training opportunities and support.

To join is completely free, no matter your age or current skill set. Once you join, you will enter a Slack group. This online group is the main communication channel, the place where members gather to chat. You will find conversations around many different topics, all regarding the technology field and how can women access it without so many entry barriers.

The powerful women of the Slack group act as a support network you can rely on for advice, feedback, or just venting purposes. You will know members' stories and experiences. Furthermore, goal sharing is something that members usually talk about and will motivate you while keeping you accountable.

On the other hand, Empower Her occasionally organizes some training events. The latest ones were a webinar and a month-long boot camp. The Slack group is perfect to hear firsthand every new event that pops up. These events are a great opportunity to level up your skills.

Lastly, this community is run by volunteers. If you have relevant skills and time in your hands, you can volunteer and help hundreds of women to get access to a career they once thought was unachievable.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Founders:

    Elizabeth Okaome

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • ONG: Yes
  • Method: Virtual


Acquire the training you need to pursue a career in IT:
Empower Her makes accessible the necessary knowledge for women to access the tech field without feeling unfit. The community offers training opportunities you can leverage to further develop your skills.

Volunteer and share your knowledge:
If you have relevant knowledge and time on your hands, you can volunteer for different roles in the community. You will be helping hundreds of women who are curious about tech and want to learn more.

Get surrounded with powerful women:
The online group is where community members gather to share experiences and stories. To hear the wins and challenges of other women will motivate you to go further, and sharing goals will help with accountability.



No requirements.


Learning Events

Empower Her is run by volunteers, so there isn't a schedule for events. However, the community occasionally organizes learning events. The latest ones were a webinar and a boot camp. The webinar addressed the factors that led to disinterest in IT among women. The boot camp, on the other side, ran for one full month and had a lot of facilitators to train women in digital marketing, web development, data science, graphic design, modeling and printing, and 3D design.

Networking Events

Members of the community interact in a Slack group. This online group is full of women that want to pursue a career in the information technology field. The community's mission is to make knowledge accessible and to train women to achieve their career goals. Inside the online group, you will find the support you need to grow further, as well as accountability and relevant feedback.


Empower Her is an NGO that makes knowledge accessible for all women that want to pursue a career in information technology. It's completely free, so it helps to reduce the gap in underserved communities that often don't have the resources or the information to access training.


"I'm happy to be part of the EHC. My boot camp training was amazing. Prior to now, I had no interest in Tech. I always felt it wasn't for me and I didn't fit in. Now, I'm more confident being around people in tech and I believe I'm in for this for the long run." -Eghe Omorogbe

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