Fashion for Good offers education to build a sustainable future for the fashion industry, as well as funding/expertise for startups and businesses.

For free, you can access several resources to educate yourself about what the future in the fashion industry could look like. Fashion for Good's resource library includes expert research, reports, guides, and tools about diverse innovations and technologies that are helping different apparel brands to transition into a sustainable business model. These resources are quite technical and tailored more to businesses and organizations. However, they can be also great for customers who want to learn the impact that goes into making clothes.

On the other hand, you can also access a series of tips to take action. As an individual, there is a lot you can do to be more sustainable when it comes to clothes. Fashion for Good has a series of guides with actionable tips you can put into practice today. Additionally, you can also participate in workshops and talks to further educate yourself and network with others.

Fashion for Good has a coworking space in Amsterdam, where individuals and organizations who are working in sustainable fashion can gather to network and bounce off ideas. There are several plans available, depending on the regularity you'd like to go to the office.

Moreover, residents at the community's coworking space get free tickets to the Fashion for Good museum. The museum is also in Amsterdam. It provides an interactive experience for people to learn where their clothes come from, and what steps they can take to contribute to a sustainable future.

Lastly, the community offers several programs for startups and businesses. The Accelerator is a free (no equity required) 9-month program for startups. It includes access to funding and experts to help them grow. Likewise, the Scaling program allows access to expertise to more consolidated business (this program is invite-only). Lastly, the Good Fashion Fund provides capital to businesses that want to innovate. It helps to scale sustainable innovations and technologies within the apparel supply chain.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    William McDonough

  • Online Group: No
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Cowork with like-minded individuals and organizations:
Fashion for Good's coworking space allows you to access a dedicated space for working towards a sustainable future for the fashion industry. It's a great networking opportunity to surround yourself with people fueled by a similar purpose and to bounce off ideas and insights with them.

Learn with expert resources:
The community offers free access to expert research, reports, guides, and other tools. The resource library educates people on the latest sustainable fashion innovations, as well as solutions and technologies that can help us transition into a circular economy.

Get funding and access to expertise for your startup:
Fashion for Good has three programs available for businesses and startups. Each one has different requirements, and every program supports organizations that are trying to make a change in the fashion industry.

  • Monthly Cost

Included in Free Version

For free, you can access several tools, resources, and information provided by the community. Check Fashion for Good's resource library and tips to take action. On the other hand, startups that meet the requirement can access a free (no equity required) 9-month accelerator program.


There are no requirements to use Fashion for Good's coworking space or to visit the museum. However, there are different requirements to participate in each of the community's programs for startups.


Learning Events

Fashion for Good museum is an interactive experience that focuses on teaching visitors the stories behind the clothes they wear, as well as how the future of fashion might look like, and what steps can they take today to have a positive impact both on people and the planet. Located in Amsterdam, you can visit the museum for only €10. Keep in mind that it also offers virtual guided tours!

On the other hand, the community regularly hosts talks and workshops to discuss the future of fashion and the innovations arising in the world. These events are usually free and everyone can join and participate.

Networking Events

Fashion for Good has its own coworking space, located in Rokin, Amsterdam. It specifically focuses on sustainable fashion, building a community of like-minded individuals and organizations working towards a similar purpose. You can become a resident for €20/day. There are other plans available, such as three days per week at €180/month. Check all coworking space plans on Fashion for Good's website.

Content Library

The community's resource library includes tools, reports, guides, and thought leadership pieces about sustainable fashion. Even though the resources are tailored more to organizations and companies that are building sustainable practices, they can be also excellent for customers educating themselves about innovations that are shaping the future of fashion. On the other hand, you can read the 5 steps to take action to find out how you, as an individual, can have a positive impact by choosing your fashion practices purposefully.


Fashion for Good's innovation platform offers three programs for startups and businesses that are contributing to sustainable fashion. These are the three programs:

  • Accelerator: free (no-equity required) 9-month program that provides startups with the funding and expertise they need to grow.
  • Scalingfor businesses that have already passed the proof-of-concept phase. It provides a dedicated team and access to expertise, customers, and capital. Applications to this program are invite-only.
  • Good Fashion Funda fund for manufacturers and operators to scale the innovative solutions and technologies within the apparel supply chain.


By providing free education in the form of resources, expert research, workshops, and talks, the community helps individuals to learn what they can do today to help shape the future of sustainable fashion. On the other hand, Fashion for Good also provides programs and a fund for startups and businesses to help innovators succeed, and to scale technologies for creating a sustainable fashion industry.


"Fashion for Good’s ability to stimulate collaboration between like-minded fashion brands and cutting-edge tech companies will change the future of fashion sustainability." -Peter Majeranowski

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