Fiveable is a free community for high-school students. It helps them navigate their transition to college with resources, an online group, and expert mentors.

Fiveable has a huge content library full of resources that include videos, articles, lessons, and templates. There are diverse subjects like science, math, humanities, art, among others. In the resources, you can also find help to anything college-related, like college applications, tests, financial aid, and more. Additionally, you have general resources on topics like mental health and student life.

Furthermore, the community has a Discord group of over 22,000 members from all over the world. This online group has diverse channels for different interests, like languages, AP testings, mental health, and even game nights. Inside the group, you will also keep up to date with upcoming live events.

There are regular live events in the community, to discuss different relevant topics. Besides, you can participate in Fiveable's Study with Hours. This is a virtual study platform, that helps you enter the flow state and reach your maximum level of productivity. You will study with other students in a distraction-free environment. The social pressure will push you to give your best.

If you want a deeper dive into college topics, you can join the program College with Confidence. The full pass costs $50 and it gives you access to a 10-week program that will effectively prepare you for college. You will have bi-weekly live meetings with expert mentors to get all your questions answered, as well as access to the College Handbook, a resource full of templates.

By taking part in this program, you will also join a squad. These are small groups of 10 students that help with accountability, tracking progress, and sharing goals and successes. If you want, you can buy individual weekly sessions, by paying only $5 per session.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Founders:

    Amanda DoAmaral & Tán Ho.

  • Amount of members: 22,450
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn from a huge, free content library:
Fiveable owns a huge content library with resources like templates, articles, lessons, and videos. The subjects range from school topics like art, math, science, and humanities, to general subjects like college application and funding, mental health, student life, and more.

Join a community of 22000+ students:
The Discord group is free and filled with students from all around the world. You can join to network and interact in channels for diverse interests. The online group also keeps you up to date with upcoming live events.

Get expert help with College Pass:
College with Confidence is a 10-week long program that helps students to navigate their transition to college. It costs $50 and it pairs you with expert mentors, a squad (small group of 10 students), and it gives you access to exclusive templates.


No requirements.



By joining Fiveable, you will be able to access several meetings for students. For example, every Friday there is a live event. These weekly discussions are led by students and are designed to talk about relevant topics for the community.

Additionally, through the Discord group, you can learn about other live events that may interest you. Fiveable members organize college and career readiness events, as well as language clusters to practice other languages, among other meetings.

On the other hand, you can participate from Fiveable Hours, a virtual study platform. This platform is designed to help you enter a flow state while you are studying, as well as keep you accountable. You will be sharing a study session with other students in a distraction-free environment. Social pressure will push you to give your best.

All of these meetings are free. But if you have the College Pass, which costs $50, you can immerse yourself in 10 weeks of building college confidence. In this program, you will have bi-weekly meetings to get all your questions answered and interact with other members.

Learning Events

Fiveable's College with Confidence program is designed to take you on a 10-week experience that will help you gain confidence while transitioning into college. You will have expert guidance at all times, as well as bi-weekly live meetings to get all your questions answered.

College Pass costs $50, and it gives you a 10-week pass. However, you can also participate in weekly individual sessions, for $5 a session.

There are other learning, live events many times per month. You can keep up-to-date on these events by joining the Discord group. Events' purpose is to discuss everything from college applications to mental health.

Additionally, Fiveable's students can apply to be part of the mentorship program. You could become either a mentor or a mentee.

Networking Events

The Discord group, with over 22,000 students from all over the world, is the perfect place to network and connect. There are several channels inside the online group, to talk about AP courses, college preparation, language learning, mental health, and even game nights.

Additionally, and if you are a member of the College with Confidence program, you will join Fiveable Squads. These are small, virtual support groups of 10 students. Squads are designed to help you keep on track with your goals and to share progress together.

Content Library

Fiveable has a huge content library full of resources for students. Resources include templates, articles, lessons, and videos on different subjects.

For example, you can find resources on school topics like humanities & social science, math & science, languages, art, and interdisciplinary subjects.

Additionally, you have many resources to help you prepare for college, like the college process, choosing a major, financial aid, alternatives to college, etc. Lastly, there are other general resources like professional development, student life, past events, etc.

If you are part of the College with Confidence program, you will receive a College Handbook. This handbook is filled with templates that will be guiding you through the 10 weeks the program lasts.


Fiveable helps millions of Gen Z students all over the world to prepare and understand how to navigate college. They also offer scholarships for their College with Confidence program, for students that may need it.

The huge content library of free resources helps students to easily access the information they need. This empowers students and helps them make the best decision for their futures.


"Not only was I able to pass all 5 of my exams #WithFiveable, but I also found an amazing community and made so many new friends!!! thank you so much #fiveable." -Sun

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