Freelance Writers is a subreddit that gathers over 89,700 freelance writers from all over the world, who share useful tips and relevant advice.

Like every subreddit, the community it's free to join. There are no requirements as long as you read and accept the rules.

Once you enter the community, you can start interacting with other freelance writers worldwide. It's an awesome place to network, meet like-minded people, and bounce off ideas and insights. Members use the subreddit to ask questions and request advice or to share their knowledge with others.

You can tag your own posts with several flairs, to let others know at a glance what your post is about. For example, some common flairs in the subreddit are "Rates & Pay", "Starting Out", or "Advice & Tips". Since the subreddit doesn't allow link dumping, self-promotion, or job hunting, you will only find honest, relevant discussions between freelance writers.

The community offers two regular threads. On the one hand, the monthly accountability thread allows you to publicly state your goals and keep yourself accountable for your progress. On the other hand, the bi-weekly feedback and critique thread is perfect to share your writing for others to give you relevant feedback to improve. This is the only space where you are allowed to share links to your work.

Additionally, and especially if you are just starting out as a freelance writer, the community Index can be super helpful. The Index gathers useful posts from the community, full of advice and tips, on frequently asked questions for freelance writers. It covers topics like building a website/portfolio, invoices/payments, and managing clients. You can also filter posts by the flair "Resource" to find links, resources, and tools members are sharing.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Amount of members: 89,700
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Connect with thousands of freelance writers:
The subreddit Freelance Writers gathers over 89,700 members from all over the world. It's an ideal place to network with like-minded people and bounce off ideas and insights.

Get accountability and feedback:
The community has two regular threads: a monthly accountability thread and a bi-weekly feedback thread. These spaces are great to publicly keep yourself accountable for your goals and progress, and to get valuable feedback on your writing.

Receive useful tips and advice:
Since the subreddit doesn't allow job hunting, link dumping, or self-promotion, you will only find relevant conversations between freelance writers who exchange tips and advice to enhance their careers.


No requirements.



The community has two regular threads where members can discuss their writing and goals. On the one hand, the "Monthly Goals & Accountability Check-in" thread is for people to publicly state their goals and keep themselves accountable for their progress. Once a month, you can post your goals, and the next month update the community on the progress you have made so far.

On the other hand, the "Bi-weekly r/FreelanceWriters Feedback and Critique Thread" is the place to post if you want feedback on your writing. Otherwise, the subreddit doesn't allow members to request feedback or post links to their work in other threads.

Networking Events

Freelance Writers is a community on Reddit. Inside, you will find over 89,700 freelance writers from all over the world to network and bounce off ideas. Since there is not allowed to link dump or to self-promote excessively, you will only find relevant discussions in this subreddit.

There are several flairs to tag your posts and make it easy for others to know at a glance what your post is about. Besides the regular monthly and bi-weekly threads, other flairs are:

  • Resource
  • Rant
  • Starting Out
  • Rates & Pay
  • Looking for Help
  • Advice & Tips

All discussions in the community include freelance writers sharing their experiences, or asking questions about specific aspects of freelancing and writing. It's a friendly space to meet like-minded people and network with others.

Content Library

The community's Index is an excellent place for freelance writers who are just starting out to find relevant information. The Index gathers relevant posts with super useful tips and advice on frequently asked questions about freelance writing. For example, you can discover answers not only on topics like finding and managing your niche, finding work, and creating a website or portfolio, but also on managing clients, setting your rates, and invoicing/payments.

On the other hand, you can filter posts by the flair "Resource" to find helpful links, resources, and tools that other members are using and sharing.


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