Launched in 2016 as a Facebook group, the community offers a place for designers who contribute to growth. Knowing that designers working in this segment have different needs from other professionals and growth practitioners, they created specialized resources to help them thrive.

Now hosting Slack spaces to facilitate engagement and resources sharing, an experienced team of leaders guides the community to support members' journeys.

You can join by sending an invite request including your work experience and expectations. The team will review your application to ensure the group's balance and cohesion.

Take advantage of the space to strengthen your networks and surround yourself with growth designers struggling with the same challenges.

Members receive exclusive invitations to events and networking opportunities, along with access to the private Slack group. Join for free and participate in industry talks, networking channels, and Q&A sessions with top leaders.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2016
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Free resources:
Follow a program to learn the foundations of growth design and industry best practices.

Receive help to set up your goals and ensure you're focused on impacting your work. With hands-on experiments, you'll discover derisking methods to test and launch your products successfully.

Subscribe to the monthly newsletter to deep dive into growth design topics. Stay updated with the latest job positions available and receive invitations to exclusive events.

Job opportunities:
The community has a job board offering remote and in-person positions. Listing opportunities from international companies, you'll find a place to unlock professional maturity.

Join a Slack community:
Connect with other growth designers within private channels to ask your questions and share your challenges. It's a good place to promote your work and collaborate with your peers' career building.

You need to receive an invitation to join because the community takes the group's balance really seriously.

Participate in live events:
With Q&A sessions and online talks, you'll discover how to generate better outcomes and improve your problem-solving skills.



You need to request an invite and send information about your experience and expectations. They review all applications to keep the community balanced and help new members to engage.


Learning Events

Designers meet in live events to learn from experts working at top companies such as Google or Coursera. You'll discover how to implement proven methods to boost your outcomes and the quality of your work.

Ask your specific questions in the Q&A sessions and access free resources shared by experienced designers.

Networking Events

Request an invite and join a Slack community to connect with more designers. Focusing on design practitioners and leaders working in the growing field, you'll find a great place to share with colleagues and expand your network.

Ask for fellowship support and trust in a private group of professionals willing to help you overcome your difficulties.

Content Library

You can visit the newsletter section to find past issues covered. Analyze past experiments progress and learn new strategies used by experts.

Within the directory of practitioners, you can find professionals working at the intersection of growth and design to connect and hire them.


"I'm glad @GrowthDesigners exists. It plays an important role of distinguishing designers who care deeply about good design AND business impact." -Skyler

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