Indie Music Feedback is a free community that helps indie musicians to get valuable, constructive feedback to improve their songs.

You can join this community for free, without meeting any previous requirements. The main communication channel in Indie Music Feedback is the subreddit with the same name. Here, over 68,400 indie musicians from all over the world gather to give each other feedback on new tracks they release.

The rules are simple. To publish a song and get constructive feedback from others, you first need to contribute by giving feedback to at least 5 songs from other members of the community. Your feedback has to be useful, constructive, and at least three sentences long. To make sure all members comply, the subreddit works through a bot.

Additionally, Indie Music Feedback has a Discord server where members are able to chat in real time with each other. Moreover, the server is where members of the community participate in engaging events and fun games. This will help you not only to bond with like-minded people and to discover new music but also to strengthen your music-producing skills.

Lastly, don't forget to visit Indie Music Feedback's website. There, you will find a helpful blog, the community's Spotify playlist (which is updated every month with songs from members), interviews from the podcast, and the community's monthly zine.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Amount of members: 68,400
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get valuable feedback on your music:
By participating in this community and by contributing your feedback to other musicians' tracks, you will get helpful, constructive feedback that will help you improve your songs.

Participate in fun events and games:
The community hosts many engaging events and fun games on the Discord server, which help you not only to discover new music but also to practice your music-producing skills.

Connect with other indie musicians:
Indie Music Feedback is the perfect place to connect and interact with thousands of like-minded indie musicians from all over the world, that create music in diverse genres.



No requirements.



Every Saturday, you can join other members of Indie Music Feedback on Open Mic events. Here, participants get together and watch each other perform live.

On the other hand, every Friday there is the New Music Friday event. Here, participants share a song that has been published within the last year and is not their own, to help others discover new music.

Lastly, in the weekly event Retro Rewind, a random year is selected and you have the opportunity to submit your favorite track from that year.

Learning Events

The community hosts additional events for members to participate in. On the one hand, you can join Live Community Review. This is a live stream on Twitch where artists submit tracks and others listen and comment live.

On the other hand, you can participate in Lifes Everyday Soundtrack, where several producers have 2 weeks to produce a track with 3 provided stem files.

Networking Events

Members of the community interact mostly in the subreddit. Here, you can submit a track that you have created after giving feedback on 5 songs from other members. Then, people will give you constructive feedback to help you improve the track.

Additionally, members connect and interact inside a Discord server. Besides participating in lively, engaging events, the Discord server also serves the purpose of playing music-related games with like-minded people.

Content Library

Besides a helpful blog and a community playlist featuring songs from members, Indie Music Feedback also has interviews from their podcast and a monthly zine.

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