Facilitating a space where makers can openly discuss their ideas, the community exists to support entrepreneur women.

Creators use Slack and Indie Hacker to stay updated with the latest products launched and trending tools. They offer a great place to ask for feedback and improve your results through collective wisdom.

Join other makers in a community created to support your projects and provide resources to boost your outcomes. Within a dedicated channel for job opportunities, you can apply for exclusive positions for business-minded women.

Access the Slack community for free and participate in weekly standups to hold accountable with peer support. With dedicated channels to discuss a diverse range of topics, you'll discover fellow entrepreneurs discussing their struggles and victories to encourage others.

Share your ups and downs and lay in a group of professionals willing to support your journey to success and share your experience to impact fellow professionals.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Rosie Sherry

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Ask for feedback:
Share your concerns on ongoing projects to receive honest comments from a like-minded group of entrepreneurs. Improve your products by avoiding guesswork and laying on community wisdom.

Join in Slack:
With dedicated channels for a variety of topics, you'll discover networking opportunities and resources shared by members.

Attend meetups and weekly standups to involve in the group and connect with talented professionals.
Start discussions about parenting, growth, work, and more.

Find a job:
There's an exclusive #jobs channel to share opportunities and hire Indie people. Find monthly listings and apply for getting a dream job in an active community of women.



No requirements.



Members join in meetups and icebreakers to create new bonds and stay accountable together.

With expert-led gatherings, you'll be able to share your goals and track your progress backed up by women sharing similar expectations. Participate in weekly standups to keep a record of what you're doing and celebrate your triumphs.

Networking Events

Community members engage in Indie Hackers and Slack channels. They use these spaces to share their projects progress and get inspired by fellow Indie Women.

Using networking channels and opening varied discussion topics, fellows connect with other business-minded creators.

Ask about anything and trust in a group of entrepreneurs who have your back.

Content Library

Access the #interesting-reads channels to discover valuable resources shared by members. From building in public reads to product-launch analysis, you can find material to learn about new tools and trending sites.


"Love this! I listen to @IndieHackersevery day (as an aspiring indiehacker) and am always hoping to hear from more indie women. Glad to see the community being built." -Laura Wong

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