Genius Network is a collaborative and creative environment that brings together industry leaders. It's a space where people looking to boost their businesses join to learn new strategies, tools, and techniques to scale.

It started as a mastermind group to share marketing secrets to help business owners grow. Now they offer a place to share wisdom, strategies, and connections to exponentially boost your income.

By sharing E.L.F. businesses values (living easy, lucrative, and fun), they encourage you to reach your highest level of success.

You'll receive feedback from professionals who have already been there before to sketch your next move toward success. Gain access to the right environment to encourage your career advancement surrounded by like-minded people.

Join them to build long-lasting relationships with top entrepreneurs around the world and gain new perspectives. Membership costs $25,000 and includes tickets to the annual events.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2002
  • Founders:

    Joe Polish

  • Amount of members: 400
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Attend members-only events:
Focus on ideas to implement in your business that will make you raise your income. Learn unique tools to impact your life and work in exclusive meetings. Participate in annual events to stay connected with the smartest and brilliant people in the world.

Curated discussions:
Explore relevant topics and discover stories from like-minded people walking the same path. Learn from those who have already been there before and share your experience to enrich the group.

Exclusive networking opportunities:
Gain access to unique connections and collaboration spaces with high-level entrepreneurs. The network is a place to nurture valuable bondings and share experiences with people like you.

Within the private member forum, you'll discover a community comprised of leaders and industry transformers.

Stay healthy:
Community members are the world's leading doctors, nutritionists, and wellness experts willing to offer guidance to live your best.

Experience wealth growth:
With growth tools, engaging forums, and promoting a culture of giving, you'll gain the skills you need to boost your income.

  • Yearly Cost



To be considered for membership, you must run a 7-figure enterprise.




Membership includes two exclusive yearly meetings in Tempe, Arizona, where you'll receive tools and support to strengthen your strategy. Events include ten-minute talks, growth tools, collaborative hot seats, insider interviews with experts, and one-on-one collaboration sessions.

Share your obstacles and receive support from the group to ideate new solutions with high-class entrepreneurs.

With speakers and special attendees, these events provide access to wisdom, collaboration, contributions, and new connections.

Learning Events

During annual events, you'll be invited to participate in expert talks and collaborative sessions to focus on a particular topic. Learn from your peers' struggles and put your creativity into the group's service to find innovative solutions together.

Gain management skills to choose the right investment options and lay on the most trusted wealth advisors to make your next move.

Networking Events

The forums offer an opportunity to spend time with the most influential industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs. You'll discover a space to share your roadblocks in a community willing to help you with your specific problems.

Within the Genius Network virtual community, you can stay connected to serve other members and enrich the community with your experience.

Content Library

They have a vault of past sessions where you can find the entire library of Ten Minute Talks with advice to accelerate your journey.

Joe Polish wrote a book to help you grow your small business. You can purchase "The average Joe's marketing book" to access a manual for learning marketing best practices.


The network leads an addiction recovery program with the purpose of change moral prejudice against people.

The Genius Recovery Organization share information through videos, content, and education to facilitate recovery resources to anyone. By promoting networks and meetings, they lead a community to help people struggling with addiction.


"I'm a member of Joe Polish's Genius Network. I get to work with Joe, who is one of the marketing geniuses on the planet. I also get to spend quality time with a group of other experienced entrepreneurs." -Dave Asprey

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