MarketingProfs it's a paid community for B2B marketers that offers world-class training, frequent events, and numerous resources.

For free, you can access some content from the community's content library. Additionally, MarketingProfs hosts free weekly webinars on different marketing topics. Lastly, you can subscribe to their newsletter. Three times per week, you will receive fresh news and marketing trends directly to your inbox.

Members unlock the full MarketingProfs experience when they upgrade to a Pro membership. This membership costs $595 per year (you can also buy a team membership) and includes world-class training and exclusive events.

On the one hand, Pro members have access to lots of learning opportunities. Those who purchase the Pro membership have access to different masterclasses, exclusive webinar series, bootcamps, and summits. Additionally, you can participate in B2B Forum for free. This is an annual, two-day conference that features prominent speakers from the industry. This big event also has three full days of workshops, which you must pay separately if you want to take them.

On the other hand, a Pro membership also comes with lots of resources. MarketingProfs' huge content library has everything you need to succeed as a marketer. You will find not only articles, guides, reports, and video tutorials, but also charts, masterclasses, and learning paths. Lastly, Pro members have unlimited access to the 25+ online courses of the community and participate in a private Facebook group to connect with other marketers.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2000
  • Founders:

    Allen Weiss

  • Amount of members: 680
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Get world-class marketing training:
MarketingProfs characterizes for providing relevant, high-quality resources for marketers, such as articles, masterclasses, courses, video tutorials, and guides. Additionally, the community offers professional B2B marketing consulting services.

Attend conferences, webinars, and other events:
The community offers weekly free webinars. Additionally, pro members also can access bootcamps, summits, masterclasses, and conferences for free.

Connect with top marketers worldwide:
By upgrading to the Pro membership, you will participate in a Facebook group with hundreds of marketers from all over the world. Members use the group to ask questions, request advice, and share their knowledge with others.

  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

For free, you can access the community's newsletter, which drops fresh news and marketing trends three times per week directly to your inbox. Additionally, you will be able to access some free events and resources.


No requirements.



The community offers free weekly webinars and other events. Moreover, Pro members can participate in virtual conferences and additional special training events.

Learning Events

The B2B Forum Online it's a two-day annual marketing conference that features prominent speakers from the field. The conference is virtual and free for Pro members of MarketingProfs. Additionally, this event includes three days of workshops on different topics like branding, account-based marketing, and metrics/measurement. Workshops are not included with the Pro membership and you have to pay for them separately.

On the other hand, the Pro membership gives people the full experience at MarketingProfs. It allows you to access different masterclasses, exclusive webinar series, bootcamps, summits, and numerous resources.

Keep in mind that you can also access professional consulting services. MarketingProfs offers services for fractional CMO, marketing research, positioning and messaging, branding, customer experience, demand generation, and analytics.

Networking Events

Pro members at MarketingProfs participate in a Facebook group with over 680 marketers worldwide. Members use the online group to share challenges, request advice, and ask questions. There are experts in different marketing specializations, and they constantly share useful resources. Additionally, you can connect and interact with other marketers at MarketingProfs events and conferences.

Content Library

MarketingProfs has a huge content library full of useful, high-quality resources for marketers. Some resources include not only articles, guides, and reports, but also charts, masterclasses, video tutorials, webinars, and more. You can also subscribe for free to the community's newsletter. This will drop directly to your inbox fresh marketing trends and industry news, three times per week.


Pro members at MarketingProfs can access all the community's courses for free. There are 25+ courses that train you in relevant skills like strategy, campaign planning, asset creation, analysis, optimization, and more. All courses are online and allow you to learn at your own pace.


"I truly believe my PRO subscription is one of the best investments I make every year for learning new tips, tools, and techniques." —Katie Allen

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