MastermindJam is a paid community for entrepreneurs and business owners that offers mastermind groups and coaching sessions for accountability.

The community's mastermind groups include 3-6 like-minded individuals who meet regularly to share progress and give feedback. MastermindJam will help you find the perfect group for you. Accordingly, and taking into account characteristics like business size, type, industry, and revenue, you will be joining a group of similar people.

Your group will have mostly the same obstacles and hustles as you. Indeed, this will make it easy for everyone to extract value out of each session. Everyone can benefit from the solutions other members implemented and the feedback they give.

Furthermore, if you don't find the answers you need in the group, you can hire some of MastermindJam's coaches. They offer group and one-on-one sessions to give you expert, tailored advice targeted to your specific business issue.

Truly, on MastermindJam you can find honest feedback and a group of people that will help you keep accountable. But there are limited spots if you'd like to join. If they are taking applications, the only thing left to do is to fill the form and pay. You can choose to pay monthly or annually.

Once you join, you can access the members-exclusive area in MastermindJam to find productivity tools, a Q&A forum, and the private group video chat you will be using to have sessions with your mastermind group.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Founders:

    Ken Wallace

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Peer-based mastermind group: 
Whether you are a solo founder, an experienced entrepreneur, or a small business owner, you can find community on MastermindJam. The community's small groups of 3-6 people that meet regularly are ideal to keep you accountable and get feedback while also learning from the experiences of everyone else in the group.

Find the right group for you: 
MastermindJam allows you to join a group that will be really valuable to your specific situation. Based on characteristics such as your business type, size, revenue, or industry, you can find a group of like-minded individuals to help each other to sort through similar business problems.

Get expert coaching: 
When you can't find the answers you need in your group, you can book coaching sessions. Whether in group sessions or one-on-one coaching, the expert MastermindJam coaches will help you with professional, tailored advice for your specific situation.


No requirements.



MastermindJam members meet regularly in peer-led groups of 3-6 people. People in the groups are like-minded individuals, that have been matched accordingly to different characteristics like business industry, size, and revenue. This ensures people in the group face similar problems and are able to propose helpful and relevant solutions for the rest of the group.

Additionally, you can find extra support in MastermindJam by hiring one of their coaches, for group sessions or one-on-one coaching. Coaches help you get unstuck by addressing specific problems you may be having in your business right now.

Learning Events

As a member of MastermindJam, you will meet regularly in live video calls with your 2-5 group mates to try to come with solutions for specific problems each one of you is facing in your businesses right now.

Additionally, you can hire coaches for group or one-on-one sessions, to learn even more from experts that will guide you to sort easily through obstacles.

Networking Events

Peer groups develop into a tight-knit safe space where members know and care for each other. The small size of the group is what allows the feedback to be relevant and well-intentioned, and the connections to be deeper. You will interact with your group's members on a regular basis through the MastermindJam platform.


“My mastermind group has been key to the growth of my business. It's amazing to have a place to go where other founders can give me honest feedback—without judging me. I feel like I'm heard and I'm not alone in this.” -Brendan Hufford

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