Open Source Hub is a free community of developers and technologists working on open-source projects and collaborating with each other.

The community is dedicated to the advancement of software through open source. You can join no matter your skill level or age.

On the one hand, you can visit the community's website and list your project. Here is where maintainers of open-source projects can list their repositories and get the attention of potential contributors. To do so, make sure to read the how-to on Open Source Hub's Github.

On the other hand, you can also enter the community's Discord server. This server has over 1,200 members from all over the world who are also working on open-source projects or are open-source advocates. It's a great place to find topic-based channels and discuss all things open-source. However, the server also has off-topic channels for members to casually interact with each other, make new friends, and just hang out.

The Discord server is a collaborative environment where you can get feedback on your project and self-promote. Moreover, you can chat with other open-source project maintainers to collaborate with them. Overall, members use Open Source Hub to ask questions, request advice, and share knowledge with each other.




Find open-source projects:
Open Source Hub allows you to browse a big list of open-source projects from diverse developers worldwide. You can filter the projects according to what you are looking for and start collaborating.

Showcase your project:
This community makes it easy for developers to showcase their projects to get contributors, feedback, and helpful suggestions. You can also use the #self-promotion channel on the Discord server to promote your project.

Connect with other developers:
Open Source Hub has a Discord server with over 1,200 members worldwide. You can join to find like-minded developers who are also working on open-source projects.


No requirements.


Learning Events

The community organizes some events such as inviting guest speakers and other experts for them to share knowledge with members. Additionally, they are also open to organizing activities suggested by the community.

Networking Events

Open Source Hub has a Discord server where members connect and interact with each other. The server is great to get career advice, asking for feedback, and casually interacting with others. There are channels such as #devops, #tech-chat, #web3-nft-metaverse, #html, #python, #java, and more. These topic-based channels are great to organize discussions on topics the community is interested in.

On the other hand, there are also off-topic channels such as #hangout and #gaming. Additionally, there are other networking activities to keep the community engaged, which include giveaways and showcasing open source projects. Overall, Open Source Hub is an excellent space to create connections between developers.

Content Library

The #resources channel inside the Discord server is filled with external links to useful resources members share every day. On the other hand, the community is putting together the Open Source Stack, a collection of tools, information, and open-source projects.

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