Product Hunt is a community where makers and entrepreneurs meet to build together, exchange reviews, and help each other ship amazing products. The platform is great to discover new products, ideas, and building an audience as a founder.

Members of Product Hunt actively participate in the community to review peers' products, vote on the ones they love most and discuss their challenges. For those building things online, this platform helps to find valuable feedback and support from fellow founders. But also, offer great channels to discuss your building process with people who are also launching things online.

Besides, they organize meetups for startup founders around the world. The community provides spaces to learn from makers' experiences, and support to overcome the most challenging roadblocks holding back your product launch.

You can sign up for free to discover new trending products or launch your own. Moreover, the discussion forum and the meetups section are open to anyone who would like to participate.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Founders:

    Ryan Hoover

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community for makers:
If you are looking to improve your products, collect feedback, and learn from others, the Product Hunt community is a great source of inspiration. Members are open to giving you their most honest feedback to support your launch and make your products better.

Discuss your challenges:
Launching profitable products is hard. But it doesn't need to be lonely. You can leverage peer support to challenge your ideas and boost your outcomes. Take advantage of the platform to connect with expert founders willing to help you take your first steps.

Attend local meetups:
With events in cities from all over the world, the Product Hunt community provides an excellent environment to strengthen the local community of founders. Connect with local makers and make new friends. Help each other launch their most wild ideas and exchange learning resources.


No requirements.



You can participate in local meetups organized around the world. Members are allowed to host their own events, but there are also official Product Hunt meetings.

These events are great to discuss launching, learn together and have fun.

Networking Events

The platform has an open discussion forum where you can discuss everything related to product building. Members join in exciting conversations to exchange insights, learn from peers, and meet like-minded people. But also, it's where makers share their favorite tools and software, working as a place where founders build in public.

Besides, meetups also facilitate networking opportunities with fellow makers. You can attend these events to meet amazing and inspiring people building stunning products.

Content Library

Inside the platform, you can find a growing library of products to test, find inspiration, and learn.


"Using Product Hunt Ship to manage all things pre-launch is great, because it's got an amazing community baked right into its very useful tools." -Leandro

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