With more than 21,000 active members connected in Slack channels, the ProductLed community offers a space to learn how to build solid product-led businesses. You'll be part of an open community where you can receive live feedback and contribute to each other success.

The community proposes free and paid training certificates to enhance your career by learning proven strategies to accelerate your progress. Members who participate in the Product-Led Certificate program gain exclusive discounts for live events and workshops, along with unlimited access to resources for setting up your business. They also participate in a mentorship program where expert coaches guide them through 1:1 sessions and weekly Q&A meetings.

You can join for free or choose a one-time $1,999 payment membership by enrolling in the blueprint certificate. With members working at top companies in the world, the community offers a place where you'll find new networking opportunities with worldwide experts.



  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Founders:

    Wes Bush

  • Amount of members: 21,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Product-led professionals community:
Join the Slack channels and meet new people within the industry. You'll discover a safe place to engage and receive feedback from fellow professionals. Learn from members' experiences and share your journey with the community.

Prove your learnings:
Enroll in free and paid certificated blueprints to discover the product-led businesses fundamentals and build solid structures for your company. If you're part of the pro blueprint, you'll receive personalized guidance along with mentorship and coaching sessions.

Live workshops and webinars:
Participate in expert talks and events to implement best practices and strategies. Learn how to build an engaging customer experience to establish long-lasting relationships.


  • One Time Cost

Included in Free Version

You can listen to podcast sessions, learn with tutorials, download resources, and even take a certified program to learn the product-led basics.



You can join the community freely, but if you're interested in the Product-Led Growth Certification, you need to prove experience in your field to get accepted.



Pro members meet in live workshops and stay connected with mentors and coaches in weekly 1:1 consulting sessions.

Learning Events

Members participate in Summits where industry experts led talks and classes. You'll join thousands of professionals seeking to uplevel their product-led skills together. Discover proven strategies, roadmaps, and playbooks used by top companies in the world.

Join live workshops and events to discover how to deliver first-class product experiences. If you're a pro member, these events are free.

Networking Events

The community engages in Slack channels where 21,000+ Product-Led professionals exchange feedback and resources.

You'll have the chance to meet experts working at successful businesses such as HubSpot, Appcues, OpenView, Invision, Intercom, and Drift. It's the perfect place to make new connections and find help from experienced members.

Content Library

Members receive exclusive templates, guides, checklists, and research to build their product-led business.

You can visit the resources section to discover tutorials, quizzes, free ebook chapters, guides, interviews, and podcast episodes.

Within the blog section, you'll find articles, videos, and podcasts to master product-led growth, sales, marketing, and onboarding.

ProductLed offers books for learning the fundamentals of Product-Led growth and boosting customer retention by leveling up your user onboarding experience. You can read the first chapters for free and purchase physical or digital copies.

Don't miss what the experts discussed in previous summits by watching free on-demand replays.


Enroll in the Product-Led Growth Certification and learn with a step-by-step blueprint. This 6-week cohort-based program will help you to build world-class product-led businesses and strong teams. The hands-on workshops will show you best practices to implement in every stage of becoming product-led.

This program gives you access to 35 on-demand lessons and case studies lead by experts.

Certification includes an invitation to weekly expert Q&A and deep-dive sessions to find new strategies coming from top leaders working at successful companies. You'll be assigned to mentors and coaches to receive personalized support and guidance. The program also offers new networking opportunities to meet business leaders and fellow professionals.

If you want to be part of the program, you need to be a product, marketing, or growth practitioner with work experience and fill an application form to get accepted. The blueprint certification costs $1,999, and you can ask for team discounts.

They also offer a free certification for learning the product-led growth fundamentals.


"I just stumbled upon @productled library of great videos and interviews with other founders. As a new founder in an AI SaaS platform, @productled has been my go-to for best practices." -Shaima Ghafoor

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