Renaissance Collective is a community for generalists who want to grow in their careers in tech. They built a network of intelligent and creative people supporting each other. As they believe the best opportunities come with a network of like-minded people, you'll find a group who understands you and have your back.

You can join them for free by following an application process to keep the community quality high. Once you become a member, you can be part of learning events and 1:1 meetups to explore best practices and share your wisdom.

The mission is to build a high-quality network of trusted tech folks to facilitate new opportunities. Beyond events and meetups, the community also engages in Slack to stay connected and share support at any time.

Application is open to everyone who believes they are a good fit in the community. Apply to be part of a shining group of investors, founders, operators, and more individuals in the tech environment.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Jennifer Yip

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a tribe of like-minded generalists:
Be part of a community full of curious and ambitious generalists impacting the growth in tech startups. Beyond the professional connections, you'll find opportunities to bond with people who get you and forge lifelong friendships.

Build a network of opportunities:
The community is a great place to meet the right people that will accelerate your success. Whether you're looking for investment opportunities or funding for your startup, the network will help you simplify the connections.

Learn and explore:
Participate in events to learn experts' advice on negotiating contracts, evaluating startup opportunities, and building your personal brand.

Mentorship opportunities:
Join in 1:1 mentorship sessions to explore your own path of growth with someone who knows how it feels like to be in your shoes.



You need to follow an application process and send information related to your professional profile.




They host "mentorship moments", a space where you can find support to deal with the challenges involved in the life of a tech professional. You'll find advice and help to overcome any struggle, laying on peer support to find the most accurate strategies to follow according to your situation.

Learning Events

They organize Teach Me Events, a schedule of expert talks where startup builders share their wisdom and support early-stage startupers in their building process. These events join members in 5-minute lessons to discuss topics chosen by the community.

Networking Events

The Renaissance Collective engages in an active Slack group to stay in touch 24/7, and a series of member-driven 1:1 meetups.

The idea behind this network is to facilitate new connections and friendships. You'll find support groups and mentorship opportunities to get ready to accelerate your success.


"I'm currently living and working as a strategy consultant in Paris. My dream is to find a cross-functional position in a high-growth tech company in the Bay. While I am still based in France, Renaissance Collective has introduced me to a dozen successful, talented founders and investors to discuss opportunities at their startups. Our members are mentors and friends. We leverage our diverse backgrounds to help each perform at our best" -Pierre L.

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