RevOps Co-op is a free community for revenue operations professionals that includes a private Slack group, along with free resources and events.

To join the Slack group, you only need to fill out an application form with your personal info. Once a team member reviews your application, you can enter the private group. Inside, you will find other revenue operations professionals engaging in lively discussions. This Slack group is a perfect place not only to ask questions and request feedback on your projects but also to expand your professional network and share your knowledge with others.

Additionally, the community provides lots of free education for members. On the one hand, you can access a very comprehensive glossary. It explains all acronyms and niche terminology associated with revenue operations. On the other hand, there is a video vault full of past webinars, workshops, and AMAs to get fresh insights from industry leaders. Moreover, the community's blog and newsletter are other great sources of information to enhance your career.

There are also some paid education options if you are looking for more personalized help. For example, RevOps Co-op mentorship opportunities are great both if you are a mentor or a mentee. You can create your profile and get paired with a perfect mentor/mentee while choosing the frequency of meetings. Additionally, you can participate in "Unleashing R.O.I.", a 10-week online course that costs $999. It includes lifetime access to the material, live group sessions, office hours with the instructors, and access to a private peer network.

Lastly, RevOps Jobs is a job network that will open many doors for you as a revenue operations professional. You can post jobs or look for expert consultants for your project. But you can also get job offers tailored to your role, and join the consultants' network to get consulting gigs.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Matthew Volm and Ganesh Sridharan

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Connect with other revenue operations professionals:
RevOps Co-op allows you to expand your professional network by interacting with others in a Slack group. Inside, you can ask questions, request feedback on your project, and share your knowledge to help others.

Leverage events and resources to enhance your career:
The community constantly organizes webinars, workshops, and AMAs with industry leaders to provide free education for members. Additionally, you can leverage their ROI course or mentorship opportunities to get more personalized help.

Get access to a job network:
RevOps Jobs is a job network that connects revenue operations professionals with the right job postings for their roles. You can post a job, look for jobs, and also apply as a consultant or request expert consultants for your project.


To join the Slack community, you only need to fill out an application form with your personal info and wait until someone in the team reviews your application.


Learning Events

RevOps Co-op has a mentorship opportunity that allows members to get paired with a revenue operations expert. This enables you to start or level up your career, and get a role or promotion in revenue operations. Mentorship helps members define their goals, provide accountability and support, get industry knowledge, and make strategic connections.

You can join both as a mentor or as a mentee, and choose the regularity of meetings you would like. To join, you only need to create a profile in Meetsy and start connecting with others to find your mentor or mentee.

Additionally, members can participate in workshops, webinars, and AMA sessions to get fresh insights and industry knowledge from revenue operations experts.

Networking Events

The community has a private Slack group where you can connect and interact with other members. This is the place to go to find answers to your questions from other revenue operations leaders, as well as explore resources and expand your professional network. The RevOps Co-op community it's perfect to request advice, ask for feedback on a project, and share your knowledge with others.

On the other hand, you can leverage the community's jobs network. RevOps Jobs allows you to post jobs if you are hiring, and get opportunities according to your role if you are looking for new job opportunities. You can also join the RevOps Co-op consulting network if you are a consultant, or let the community's team connect you with expert consultants for the specific project you are working on.

Content Library

RevOps Co-op has lots of free resources to help you level up your career in revenue operations. On the one hand, you can explore the video series to get education directly from revenue operations experts at different companies. On the other hand, you can replay past AMA sessions to get even more insights from industry experts. RevOps Co-op's blog and newsletter are other great sources of information if you are looking to enhance your career.

Lastly, the community's glossary is a very comprehensive list of terms used in the context of revenue operations. This will help you understand all the resources I mentioned above, by explaining different acronyms and niche terminology revenue operations professionals use.


You can participate in the community's course "Unleashing R.O.I.". This is an online, 10-week live course designed to level up your impact and boost ROI for your company. The course costs $999, and it includes lifetime access to the course content (including templates and recordings).

On the other hand, you will also participate in group live sessions and get access to office hours with your instructor to ask all the questions you want. Lastly, students of the course access a private channel in the Slack group to interact with other students, as well as a vetted peer network of other RevOps leaders.

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