Scribe Lounge is an open-minded community of screenwriters located in the United Kingdom. Meeting in dedicated forums, members discuss writing and receive advice from a supportive group of fellows.

Jeremy Capel, the founder, created a space for unrepresented writers seeking to showcase their work and exchange feedback. They help people build writing habits through feedback, collaboration, and community resources.

It's a trusted space where you can share your work and refine your writing skills surrounded by experts. Participate in AMAs and industry Q&A sessions to find solutions for your current obstacles.

By attending in-person and virtual meetings, members find new opportunities to expand their professional networks and make friends. You'll find a welcoming group of inspiring professionals connecting in a support network for creators.

Join them by paying a monthly £9.5 fee to receive access to the community, Q&A sessions, and private feedback areas. You can also register as a free member to access limited community features and resources.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    James Capel

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Join dedicated spaces:
Within the community platform, you'll be able to select which categories you'd like to join. Discover channels for cohorts, showcase your work, share resources, and more.

Network smartly and save time by participating only in the channels that suit you most.

Ask and help:
Navigate within the ask space to find answers to your specific questions. Advice other members and share your experience to enrich the community. Share your projects and ask for feedback.

Connect with writers:
Create your profile and participate in community activities to discover amazing people to meet. You can contact any member by sending private messages.

Get updated resources:
With a dedicated channel, members exchange resources and industry news. Stay updated with the latest material and share your own to enrich the tribe.

Job opportunities:
Discover competitions and open positions to enhance your career. If you're looking for a talented writer to hire, it's a great place to search for creative people.

Attend in-person meetings:
Join local meetups to connect with fellow creators and discuss collaboration opportunities.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

Free members access basic community features, but you can't participate in private feedback sessions unless you upgrade to pro membership.



No requirements.



The community organizes meetups and social events to expand and strengthen the network. With local gatherings in the UK, members join to discuss industry topics and receive expert help.

Learning Events

Participate in AMAs and Q&A sessions to ask for your specific obstacles. Attend expert-led meetings to learn from qualified professionals.

Pro members access accountability and script chat sessions with a small group of writers. You'll also get a spot in a writing group to get inspired and sharp your skills.

Networking Events

With a platform to encourage bonding among writers, the community offers a dedicated space to stay in touch.

Create your profile and navigate within the spaces to find professionals chasing similar goals. Stay connected through direct messages and engage in discussion posts.

Content Library

You can visit the resources section to find a collection of material shared by members.


"Scribe Lounge is like a writers' vaccine for these uncertain Covid-affected times; a mutual support network for screenwriters that's rapidly growing into an inclusive, friendly, welcoming community full of amazing, inspiring people!" -Chris Leonard

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