Service Design Club is a free, Spanish-speaking virtual community with over 3300 members from different parts of the world. In 2018, a group of designers founded the community with the purpose to gather UX and service designers to learn and grow together.

They have a Discord group where members can share a coworking space, along with after offices and gaming sessions. The group is a safe place to ask questions and share knowledge with others. It's also a space to simply hang out and make new connections.

Service Design Club's members can participate in virtual meetups. They also enjoy learning activities and weekly design challenges to strengthen their abilities and expand their knowledge.

For further learning, you can listen to Service Design Club's podcast. You also have the opportunity to subscribe to their newsletter. Sponsors and donations from its members maintain the community and keep it completely free.

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Network and connect with like-minded peers:
Service Design Club's community is an ideal space to connect with other UX and service designers. They hang out on Discord in a dedicated coworking space, where they talk and debate different topics. Members also enjoy after offices and gaming sessions on the group.

Learn and grow professionally:
The community hosts virtual meetups, learning activities, and design challenges, to share knowledge and help other designers to learn and grow.

New content every week:
The team at Service Design Club has a podcast and they also create articles and social media posts to educate designers about their profession.



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There are no regular, scheduled meetings in the community. Rather, members interact with each other in the Discord group wherever they need an answer or want to share something.

Additionally, the community members share almost daily different events on the "events" channel in the Discord group. These events are mostly virtual and free and consist of workshops, webinars, live streams, contests, seminars, training programs, and other special events.

These events are not organized by the community itself, but instead, they are events from other companies and organizations that also target UX and service designers. Members share only events they consider relevant.

Learning Events

Service Design Club hosts virtual meetups, learning activities, and design challenges. Every member can participate if they wish, to further expand their knowledge.

Annually, you can join a global event called "Service Jam". This in-person event takes place at the same time in over 100 cities around the world. It's a free event where people of all skill levels and backgrounds interested in service design spend 3 days working together in groups to create a service prototype from scratch.

Networking Events

To communicate and develop strong relationships with each other, members of Service Design Club interact on a Discord group.

Inside the group, you can find several channels to make friends and network. For example, in "general" and "networking" channels, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know other members of the community. You can post your portfolios or social media profiles, as well as sharing your background, experiences, and interests inside the world of design.

On the other hand, there is an "off-topic" channel, as well as a music channel, to share interests and hobbies not directly related to the design field. This also helps to make friends and develop deeper connections among the members, connections that go beyond the professional world.

Content Library

Service Design Club has a podcast where they share the experience and knowledge of experts designers. They also create articles and social media posts to further spread the knowledge, making it accessible for thousands of people interested in design.

Lastly, the community has a special channel on their Discord group where they share valuable and relevant resources, such as articles, repositories, videos, books, websites, and other content with a link format.

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