The Smart Passive Income community exists to help entrepreneurs develop and grow online businesses successfully. With a strong group of peers willing to support each other, you'll find a place to build your business on your own terms. They have a worldwide network for entrepreneurs in the startup phase, ensuring all members share similar goals.

You can join them by following an application process and waiting until acceptance. Once you receive the invitation, there's a monthly $49 fee you have to pay. Otherwise, you can opt for a yearly membership that costs $490.

Membership includes access to training resources, mastermind sessions, and ensures your spot in the community. You'll get the chance to meet other professionals who own similar businesses, facilitating new valuable connections.

Through AMAs and hands-on workshops, you can learn from expert entrepreneurs willing to share their knowledge with you. As a bonus, premium members became affiliates, allowing them to create a passive recurring income with SPI's digital products.

Apply to be part of an exclusive group of entrepreneurs who aspire to build a strong business based on peer support and proven strategies.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Founders:

    Pat Flynn

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Join a community of entrepreneurs:
The SPI pro network is a place to ask questions, validate ideas, practice your pitches, involve in challenges, and learn growth in a non-judgemental environment.

Within the community, you can find relationship-building opportunities with founders struggling with the same challenges.

Focus on what matters:
Access to trending insights before anyone else, and accelerate your growth by avoiding noisy discussions channels and random members in the room.

Learn with experts:
Participate in AMAs and exclusive events to keep cultivating the skills needed to succeed in your field. Inside the community, you can learn about affiliate marketing, podcasting, and development in general.

Earn passive income:
As a member, you become an affiliate of SPI Pro, earning a recurring commission with courses and workshops.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

You can take a brand-building course for free.


To join the Smart Passive Income Pro community, you need to already have a business working, and there's an application process you need to follow. The team will review your profile, and if you match with the rest of the group, you'll be accepted.

They also have deadlines to apply for the community, so you need to stay updated for spots available.



Every quarter when new members join the community, they host mastermind sessions to match you with a small group of other Pros chasing similar goals. You can also participate in monthly book club discussions to read along with your peers.

Besides, they host weekly office hours, hangouts with new members, and networking meetups.

Learning Events

They organize monthly challenges to keep their members proactive and focused. With pitch opportunities, you'll get the chance to showcase what you're working on to receive feedback and support.

Inside the network, you'll be invited to participate in events, AMAs, and weekly wins channels to boost growth. With membership, they include access to several workshops valued at $99 each.

Networking Events

You can apply to be part of an online community of entrepreneurs with established businesses. SPI Pro is a thriving community of businesspeople where you can find answers to your questions and challenges to push your growth beyond limits.

The private online network aims for entrepreneurs to self-discover their best strategies and share in a growth-minded group of peers.

Inside the community, you'll get the chance to meet people like you through plenty of networking opportunities offered. Also, you'll find places to collaborate and learn with others.

The network allows members to stay connected through private 1:1 conversations to encourage peer support and facilitate relationship building.

Content Library

You can take advantage of the mastermind directory to find if there's any existing mastermind group matching your expectations. There's also a library of recorded workshops you can replay anytime you want.


Pat Flynn, the founder, has created a schedule of courses to help you cultivate the skills needed to thrive in online business. From finding profitable ideas to building your brand, you'll discover actionable steps to make a living of your passions.
There's one brand-building course for free, and the rest of them starts at $199 and varies according to the program offered.


“I have been continually blown away by the value that I'm getting out of being part of the SPI Pro community.” -Brenda Petrella

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