Sora is a community of high school students participating in unconventional virtual learning programs. Through personalized teaching, the students explore academic standards following structured individual curricula based on their interests. As they believe educators must support the personal learning journey, students make decisions about the learning model to follow. It's a space where students learn independence and get prepared to face college.

To apply, families must follow an application process that includes a parent questionnaire, a student questionnaire, and a 90-second personal statement video. If you are accepted, their charge yearly fees that vary from $3,600 to $12,000.

The community accepts open-minded students interested in exploring the world through hands-on workshops and mentorship support. Beyond the curricula they follow, there's also a Discord group to stay connected with other learners and participate in topic-centered discussions.

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  • Membership: Paid Community
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Founders:

    Garrett Smiley, Indra Sofian

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Participate in an unconventional schedule:
Every student gets to participate in the structure building of their learning programs. As they believe schools must support students' interests, they design their own projects and create a schedule based on that. The school also supports a different grade measure to follow students' progress based on real-life skills gained, avoiding traditional tests.

Receive mentors' support:
As a student, you'll be part of a mentorship program that connects you with counselors and mentors willing to help you through the development of your skills. You'll meet in regular checkups to measure your progress and work on your personal learning plan.

Prepare for college and job opportunities:
Through internship opportunities and counseling support, you can get prepare for your dream job in the industry of your interest. Even when the school follows an unconventional way of measuring students' progress, they are a fully accredited institution and prepares their students to apply for college.

Join in Career Tracks:
These are optional educational resources designed to immerse students into deep experiences related to the field of their interest. You'll receive mentorship and resources to explore job opportunities in your industry guided by counselors who believe the future of learning lays in the students' interests rather than structured curricula.

  • Yearly Cost


Students and parents must follow an admission process that includes a presentation video and an interview with the team.



Every student gets matched with a counselor that meets them regularly. During these meetings, the students participate in accountability sessions and check on their graduations goals and personal development.

Learning Events

Sora uses a personalized experience to encourage students' self-discovering and independence. At this school, every individual gets to participate in the decisions of the learning schedule.

Teachers use their interests to forge a personalized learning program facilitating organic learning and avoiding boring lectures that lead to poor experiences.

As a student, you can participate in month-long active learning experiences focused on a topic of interest for the community. You'll be guided by a Track Advisor in the process, to ensure you follow the expected career goals while you go deep in the industry of your interest and get prepare for the field that suits you most.

Networking Events

The students can access their Mentor Network with 50+ counselors, where they connect with mentors to receive support in the learning process. They also have the chance to access a network with local businesses facilitating internships to get prepare for future role positions.

Sora has Discord channels and hosts Zoom meetings to facilitate connections among learners and encourage participation in discussions of interests.


“The most attractive component for me as a parent when selecting a school for my first-year high schooler was the way that Sora is structured and how it shows that they care more about the education process and not just the students’ ability to take and pass a test. Sora’s goals are more passion-oriented and focused but still making certain that their students are college-ready and beyond.” -Tracy

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