The community provides education and tools to support founders throughout all the development stages. They believe the future of work relay on creators, and their mission is to help them pursue their passion.

Fostering a world where every creator builds a project he loves, they empower people to reach goals through collective learning. As a member, you'll find expert support, a high-quality resources library, and 10k+ mentors available to solve your specific concerns.

They also host small Founder Groups where you'll match with up to 8 other founders to find solutions together.

You can join for free to access limited community features or choose the Startups Unlimited membership to uplevel your possibilities. Premium plan costs $29 monthly or $249 annually and includes access to exclusive channels with coaches willing to assist with your specific questions. As a premium user, you can also use a software testing suite to access top platforms without any extra charge.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Founders:

    Wil Schroter

  • Amount of members: 20,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: In Person, Virtual


Learn with curated resources:
Access the University to validate your ideas and avoid guesswork. Discover how to boost your projects and intensify growth without limits with a full collection of guides, courses, recommended software, and how-tos.

Apply for programs:
Joni in accelerators and bootcamps designed to support your journey from the early stages of your business to advanced startup management.

Join a startup community:
With 20,000+ founders gathered within one place, membership ensures you'll be in touch with the right people. Connect with startups mentors to receive guidance and solve your specific questions guided by experts.

Software testing:
Access an entire suite of proven software and receive technical support without any additional investment.

Join Founder Groups:
Participate in hand-curated groups of up to 8 talented founders willing to work along with you to enhance your building skills. Engage in deep conversations ruled by experienced moderators to ensure the quality of discussions.

  • Monthly Cost
  • Yearly Cost

Included in Free Version

You can navigate within the University to learn from selected free resources and courses and access limited community features.



There are no requirements to join the platform, but you need to follow an application process to be considered for the Founder Groups.



Founder Groups members attend monthly meetings to discuss their challenges in a small group of supportive peers. It's a safe space to share your concerns and open yourself to nurture from the wisdom of fellow founders who knows your struggles.

Learning Events

With hands-on workshops and 1:1 sessions with other founders, you can deepen into the topics that most business owners are interested in. They cover core topics such as finding investors, scaling strategies, and selling techniques to help you successfully launch your startups. Enroll in a bootcamp program to test your ideas and find your next move towards success.

You can also apply for an accelerator program to get dedicated coaching sessions and learn with a schedule created to facilitate the resources needed to set up your business.

Networking Events

You can apply for Founders Groups, a small niche of up to 8 vetted professionals who understand your struggles and are open to help you solve problems together. They host monthly in-person and online meetings to address your challenges and stay connected 24/7 in a self-hosted platform.

It's a space to get support and cultivate your professional network surrounded by people facing the same obstacles and celebrating similar wins.

Content Library

They have an online University with self-guided courses, 650 expert masterclass videos, 1,000+ how-to guides to help you in the process of building and launching your startup.

Get inspired by success stories from experienced founders within the library.

Once you register as a free member, there's a mentors' directory where you can find all the available experts and the questions they answered. If you decide to book a paid mentorship call, this directory can help to know who can assist you further.


Learn with step-by-step courses designed to support your entire building process, from idea validation to startup finances management.

Benefits with other companies

Membership includes access to exclusive deals and discounts from top software providers. Unlock perks from top platforms such as Canva, AWS, Zendesk, Google, and more.


“It’s clear that the team behind are entrepreneurs themselves. They have a unique understanding of the problems startups face, and how to solve them.” -Jessica Matthews, Founder & CEO, Uncharted Power.

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