The Next Big Writer is a paid community to post content and get valuable feedback from a fellowship of 12,000+ writers from all over the world.

The community has several groups for different writing styles and genres. Inside each group, members post their own content and within minutes start to receive feedback on specific lines and sentences. This gives your writing the valuable perspective of not only one eye (your editors'), but instead the eye of many other writers.

Some groups function in a point-based system, where you get points when you give feedback to other writers. This way, when you upload content, others can see your points, that prove you are an active member of the community.

Besides content publishing, you can access a forum to post questions and get career advice, tips on book marketing and publishing, and so much more. There are also contests in the platform, that usually consist of writing challenges with monetary rewards for the winner.

There are no requirements to join. When you register you will have a 7-day trial of the Premium membership. Premium members can post unlimited content, join up to 10 groups, participate in all the contests, and more. To be a Premium member, you can pay $9 monthly, $22 quarterly, or $70 annually. When the free trial ends, if you decide not to become a Premium member, you can be a Basic member for free. 

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2005
  • Founders:

    Sol Nasisi

  • Amount of members: 12,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Meet other writers:
The Next Big Writer is a community that gathers over 12,000 writers from all over the world. There are also different groups for different types of writers, different genres, backgrounds, and interests. You will be able to find your niche here!

Receive feedback and critique:
One of the most valuable features of the community is the feedback you can get on your pieces of writing. Once you upload content to a group, in a matter of minutes you will begin to receive feedback on specific lines and sentences. You can save thousands of dollars on editors in this community. Your writing pieces can have the perspective of several writers who can help you grow.

Get motivated and keep yourself accountable:
As a member, you can access contests that can help you get motivated and keep writing. The contests usually consist of writing challenges with a monetary reward for the winner.

Access to valuable career advice:
Inside the group, you don't only get to publish content and read other people's content. You can also interact with members in a forum, interchanging valuable advice and insights regarding career, book marketing, publishing, and so much more.

Included in Free Version

The community has a 7-day free trial of the Premium membership. However, when the trial ends, you can decide to not become a Premium member and stay with the Basic membership, which is free.

Basic members can create an author profile on the site, read content from other members, and post limited content to selected groups. They also can join up to 1 group on the site.



No requirements.



The Next Big Writer's members don't have regular meetings. Instead, they hang out on an online platform where they can interact in forums. Inside the member area, there are several groups, targeted to different types of writers. 

If you are a Premium member, you can join a maximum of 10 groups. Inside the groups, you can meet other members and make friends. Groups also serve the function of featuring members' content for others to review and give feedback.

Learning Events

The community regularly hosts contests for its members to participate in. Usually, it's a writing challenge with a monetary reward for the winner. These types of contests helps you to grow as a writer and to get practice by doing.

You can also learn from other members' reviews, and by reading some of the forum's threads that assess specific problems you may encounter on your journey as a writer.

Networking Events

You can network with other members on the community's forum. Inside the forum, members discuss writing topics but there are also personal presentations and deeper conversations around motivation, anxiety, writer's block, etc. These threads help you to know the members on a deeper level and to form lasting connections.

Inside the platform, you can also "connect" with other people, and your connections' latest updates will appear on your feed. Additionally, the possibility to join different writing groups according to your specific interests makes it easier to know other like-minded writers.

Content Library

You can explore books that other members of the community have published with help from the community itself. The Next Big Writer has a dedicated section on its website to feature members' published books.


"I honestly don't know where I'd be as an author without tNBW. This international community of writers provides support in all aspects of the craft, from drafting that first novel or short story, to publishing and marketing. Members have access to diverse perspectives and areas of expertise, as well as the opportunity to interact with writers of all genres. I have met some of my best critique partners on tNBW, and have grown immensely as a writer thanks to the honest feedback I've received through the site." - Karin Rita Gastreich

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