Ukulele Underground is an online forum for ukulele players that also includes coaching, video lessons, weekly live streams, and more.

The general forum is free to access, there are no requirements to register. The Ukelele Underground forum organizes into different categories. On the one hand, the "staff board" contains announcements, rules, and site suggestions. On the other hand, there are 17 ukulele-related subcategories. Each of these focuses on a different topic. For instance, while one is for tabs and chords there is another one for links and videos.

A different section serves for general music discussion. It contains 8 threads about different instruments such as guitar and bass. Members can also talk about songwriting, audio/video, and other instruments. Last but not least, there are two more sections. One is where members share off-topic content. The other is a FAQ for new members. Lastly, the forum also includes a "UU VIP" section, which has private chats for those that support the forum with donations.

Besides the online forum, the community also offers many resources for ukelele players. This section is paid and includes a video library with 500+ hours of content, a song library, weekly live streams and classes, one-on-one coaching, downloadable resources and cheatsheets, discounts, and more. For $30 you get 30-day access, but you can also get a monthly subscription for $19.99/month or a yearly subscription for $159.95/year. You can see the full list of benefits on Ukelele Underground's membership page.



  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2007
  • Founders:

    Aldrine Guerrero

  • Amount of members: 137,000
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Improve your technique:
This forum will help you learn new tips and tricks to improve your performance. Also, you can access tabs and chords, or subscribe to the paid option to get one-on-one coaching and over 500 hours of video content.

Buy and sell:
If you are interested in selling or buying a ukulele, there is a marketplace section in the forum. The Ukelele Underground marketplace is where members post full ukeleles, along with ukelele parts and accessories.

Find other musicians:
Regardless of your level, you will find other musicians with common interests, allowing you to share knowledge and bounce off ideas. There is actually a thread for advice and beginners' questions.



No requirements.



Members of UU+, the paid Ukelele Underground version, can access weekly streams to learn and connect with the community. Among these weekly events, you can participate in Q&A sessions, open mics, Friday Jams (which are live ukelele classes), and webinars that focus on perfecting ukelele techniques and learning about music theory.

Learning Events

By buying a UU+ subscription, you get access to one-on-one coaching sessions with the founder of Ukelele Underground, Aldrine. You will have two private lessons per month, each one of 15 minutes duration. You will also enjoy live group coaching every week.

Networking Events

Free members of Ukelele Underground connect in the community's online forum. This is the perfect place to talk about all things ukeleles, general music, and also off-topic subjects with like-minded ukelele players worldwide. Moreover, you can support the forum with a donation to access UU VIP, a private section of the forum with message boards for supporters of Ukelele Underground.

On the other hand, if you are a paid member (that is if you buy a UU+ subscription) you will access a separate, private online forum to interact with other students. The weekly coaching group sessions and other events are also awesome opportunities to connect with fellow ukulele players and UU+ members.

Content Library

The Ukelele Underground free online forum is full of content. There are awesome threads offering advice, tips, and new techniques for ukelele players. You can also find videos, songs, chords, and tabs, along with links to useful Youtube channels to learn more about music. For learning tabs and chords, you can find diagrams and scales. There are also some members who post shows.

On the other hand, UU+ members get access to a huge video library, which contains over 500 hours of content. Additionally, the paid version allows members to get access to a song library with 100+ tutorials, recordings of past events and classes, downloadable resources, and cheat sheets.


Ukelele Underground offers many courses, which you can filter by level or by course type. There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for you to either start playing the ukelele or perfect your technique as a professional. Additionally, keep in mind that there are some free courses, while others are only for UU+ members.

Benefits with other companies

UU+ members get special discounts and member-exclusive offers in the UU Marketplace.


"With UU+, I was able to engage at my own pace in the areas that interested me. With hundreds of Play-Alongs, hours of tutorials, along with group and private lessons through Zoom, members can interact personally with the UU team. UU+ has given me the tools, incentive, and support to perform songs and ukulele arrangements that I would otherwise not have attempted. I find every session at UU exciting, interesting, educational, and fun whether participating or just “hanging out.” I unreservedly recommend Ukulele Underground." -Jim Bills

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