Ungated Collective is a community and a publication for creative entrepreneurs and artists building a business. The community has the background philosophy of building a business thinking long-term. A business that endures, crafted in alignment with its founder's values and beliefs.

It's a tight-knit community based on a "gift economy". This means that's free and open for everyone. You can also support its creator by donating or becoming a member.

Rob, Ungated Collective's founder, believes in building businesses that get 1000 true fans. Those are people that are actually excited for your business and love you and your ideas. The community is right for you if you believe in helping people with your work, instead of pushing them to pay for something they don't really need or want.

The full community is open for every member, whether they are free or paid. However, if you want to support Ungated Collective economically, there are three membership options:

  • Burrito Time: this allows you to donate (starting at $10) without becoming an annual member.
  • True Fan: this involves an annual fee of your choosing (starting at $50) and allows you to get early access to courses, projects, and templates, besides getting bi-weekly calls with Rob and other members.
  • The Vanguard: one-time payment of $1500. You get two one-hour coaching/strategy calls that you can use whenever you want. You will also get access to ongoing feedback from Rob on your projects. Lastly, this allows you to get access to "The Audience Accelerator" course (the only one that's not available on a gift economy model).

Besides running the community, Rob also hosts a newsletter and a blog full of essays with his ideas and the philosophy that occasioned Ungated Collective.


  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Founders:

    Rob Hardy

  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Gift economy-based community:
Ungated Collective is completely free to join, and you get full access whether you are a free or a paid member. However, if you wish you can support its founder by donating or by paying a membership.

Deep values and beliefs:
The community was built above strong values and beliefs. It's for people that understand that businesses are a long-term game and that get-rich-quick schemes don't work. Ungated Collective is all about getting true fans for your business, people that actually love you and your work and aren't pushed to buy something by deceiving marketing tactics.

A community for artists and creators:
In its initial stages, Ungated Collective was called "Filmmaker Freedom" and it was a community exclusively for entrepreneurial filmmakers. In 2020, it grew to encompass all types of artists and creators that want to build a real, authentic business.



No requirements.



Those who pay the annual membership get access to bi-weekly calls to hang out with other members of the community or get some coaching.

Networking Events

You can interact with other members in the online group. The community doesn't favor get-rich-quick schemes, instead, they rely on a philosophy of being real (not manipulative or spammy). If you are in business for the long game, this community is for you.

Inside the online group, you can find like-minded people to network with and make new friends. Share what you are working on in a non-judgmental space that will act as your support group every time you need it.

Content Library

Being a paid member gives you access to exclusive content from Rob (projects, templates, entries of his process of thinking, and notes from courses), as well as all his micro-courses and workshops.


The annual membership includes access to all of Rob's micro-courses and workshops, while the lifetime membership includes access to the "Audience Accelerator", the only course that's not available under the "gift economy" model.


"Man, always enjoy my coaching sessions with @ungatedcreative. Get someone who can provide ACTIONABLE insight and poke your questioning and thinking while staying true to your core values and self. Highly recommend investing into yourself and businesses." -Matt Lady

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