urbanNext is an online community for freelancers and professionals of different areas of knowledge interested in architecture.

The community's purpose is to create content by rethinking urban architecture. Then, the idea is to promote collaborative work among members to fulfill this purpose.

There is an option to become an associate member. Associates pay a monthly or annual membership that allows them to create and manage the content on their page. To become an associate, you need to provide your account information and wait for the instructions in your email.

The community has 7 journals. All of them approach technology, design, architecture, and photography topics. Each journal contains posts, pictures, and even video interviews. Apart from this, there is a section of architectural projects divided into 5 topics: Energy & Sustainability, Technology & Fabrication, Territory & Mobility, Politics & Economics, and the africanCities Institute.

The most incredible characteristic of this community is the variety of content. You can find resources in different formats, such as audiovisual, architectural concepts, essays, forums, and lectures, among others.

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  • Membership: Free Community
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Online Group: Yes
  • Job board: No
  • Language: English
  • Method: Virtual


Learn through different formats:
Regardless of your learning style, urbanNext offers content for all learners. You can find audiovisual material as well as lectures and essays. There is also a forum in which members commonly participate.

Become an associate:
Although this is a paid feature, it will bring you great benefits. As an associate, you will be able to create and manage the content on your page, expand your visibility, get new career opportunities, and create a community.

Access exclusive journals:
The community has 7 journals in total, on topics related to design, technology, architecture, and photography. By following these journals, you will be always up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the industry.



No requirements.


Networking Events

Members of urbanNext have the opportunity to join several communities inside the platform, according to their interests. You can participate in diverse forums to interact with like-minded architects, civil engineers, interior designers, and other professionals worldwide. It's a great opportunity to ask questions, expand your professional network, and access helpful resources.

Content Library

urbanNext has a wide variety of resources in different formats. First of all, there are 7 journals:

  • Responsive Technologies: It has articles depicting the relationship between technology, architecture, and ecology.
  • Detroiter's Spatial Imagination: All its content is focused on Detroit's fantastic architecture.
  • Expanding Design Practices: This journal has posts, interviews, and podcasts featuring design topics.
  • Photographic Atlas of the Cities: This is an amazing gallery of more than 100 cities around the world.
  • Southern Coexistences: As its name states, it is focused on South cities and their architectural landscapes.
  • Urban Paradigms: It discusses urban trends and big changes in the field.
  • Imminent commons: It combines different styles and perspectives in architecture.

Apart from the journals, the community has audiovisual content such as video reports. There is also a section for essays and lectures. Additionally, you can find recorded videos of talks by experts. Other resources include different architectural projects' methods and concepts. Lastly, you can explore data and surveys if you are looking for more quantitative resources.

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